Monday, 30 January 2017

Plans submitted for Coronation Street set expansion

When it was announced that Coronation Street was going to go to six episodes a week, we also heard the set would be getting an expansion.

A planning application
submitted to Trafford's planning website reveals just how big the expansion of the set could be.

If approved it would give the street a lot of room to expand into. Hopefully we'd get to see a precinct set, possibly even the mythical Tile Street that everyone keeps mentioning!

By Chewy

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C in Canada said...

It won't be 'Coronation Street' any longer, it'll be 'Coronation Neighborhood'! lol

Cool idea though.

Anonymous said...

I've always wondered what Balaclava Terrace looked like.

Aussie Pete said...

Looking at the plans, it's quite a large expansion which includes the 'Bonded Warehouse' behind the Medical Centre. It looks like it will show us Mawdsley Street too, which is the street on the other side of the ginnel.
If the planning/approval takes a year or two plus a year for all the construction, we'll likely see it by the 60th, a good time to launch it! They also have 10 year plan written on it which leads us to long term dates of the show still running around 2028-2030!!

They have plenty of street names we've heard are close but not seen: Mawdsley St, Tile St, Silk St, Kitchener St, Crimea St, Bessie St, Inkerman St, Balaclava Tce, Jubilee Tce, Nightingale Tce, Albert Rd.
That's just a few that've been mentioned regularly over the years!!

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