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Thursday 12 January 2017

In praise of Coronation Street's miscarriage storyline

I'm still upset and reeling after watching last night's Coronation Street.

I watched it later than it was broadcast as I was out at an event. And when I came home and did a quick check of social media before turning off my phone that was when I saw the comments. Our blogging team had called it the most harrowing episode of Coronation Street they'd ever seen and plaudits had been given to Simon Gregson and Kym Marsh.

I braced myself as the theme tune started, this was not going to be a cosy Corrie ride.

Kym Marsh and Simon Gregson have both been through the agony of losing babies in real life. There was so much more than acting going on in last night's Corrie and I know I can't have been the only fan in tears.

Yes, Corrie must win awards for this storyline, for the way it was directed, shot and written. But much more than that, is how amazing Kym and Simon were for sharing their grief on screen, going through it all again.  Corrie have been supported by the neonatal death and still birth charity Sands.

Our blogger Emma was present at the press conference yesterday at ITV at which Kym and Simon and Sands were speaking about this storyline. I'm sure that Emma's words will convey a great sense from behind-the-scenes.

Well done to Coronation Street for tackling this storyline, and well done especially to Kym Marsh and Simon Gregson in what has been one of the most incredible episodes of the show I've seen in years. Crikey, I'm filling up again just thinking about it all.

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Anonymous said...

I've always applauded when Corrie St tackles grave issues that may be uncomfortable to watch, but were meant to help the viewing audience receive help if they were suffering also. After watching last night's episode I can't wonder who exactly they were helping. The actors who portray Steve & Michelle have gone through this horrific experience as have many other couples, but how does portraying this sad unfortunate miscarriage help anybody else? Does watching Michelle scream and cry uncontrollably really help any woman watching?? If I was pregnant and watching the agony & torment she went through I would be absolutely terrified that I would be subjected to the same fate. Is that what Corrie hoped to achieve? And how about fathers to be - how would they view what their wife/girlfriend may or may not be subjected to?? And not be able to do a darn thing about it. Just sit by and feel helpless for the remaining months of the pregnancy. How about young children who may have watched the episode and fretted about what their mother may be going through if she was or about to become pregnant. I'm sorry, but I can't help but feel that this whole episode was only meant for the shock & awe value and truly no good could come of the experience. Corrie has sunk to very low depths for the sake of ratings and I truly find it beyond any comprehension.

Anonymous said...

If this was meant to be personally relevant to anyone, then it's the parents who have already suffered miscarriages. The message: you're not alone. If you're in the midst of a healthy pregnancy, why would you worry? The message: there but for the grace... And if you don't have prenatal care and are anxious because of that? Message: get some. Where's the harm?

Louby said...

That's my question too, does showing this really help anyone else? I am lucky enough to have not been through this awful trauma, but if I had, I don't think I would like to see it played out on screen. There is of course, the argument that showing this raises awareness of the issues. Perhaps that is true.

Kym and Simon are indeed brave to do this, but giving this storyline to someone who has lost a baby in similar circumstances, and someone whose wife has had miscarriages and has had mental health issues seems pretty cruel to me.

Bobby Dazzler said...

An event that happened to fictional characters portrayed by superb acting skills of regular Corrie actors.

Coronation Street is a soap opera, it isn't meant to change the world, be a soapbox for whatever cause/ is entertainment.

Quite frankly I think people are making more of this than needs was fine piece of acting...what happens next?

Flo said...

I thought the episode was very sad, but very well done. The true test will be how the writers handle what happens next. I had a family member who lost a baby mid-way through her pregnancy, and while the thought of the delivery was bad enough, it was what followed that she wasn't prepared for. I've never forgotten what she said to me: her hormones were all over the place just like they would have been with a normal pregnancy, but she had nothing to show for what she had gone through and was dealing with a profound loss. I hope that they don't just turn this into another opportunity for Michelle to have an affair with Robert and handle it with dignity, especially if the idea is to help someone who is going through a similar situation. Time will tell.


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