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Wednesday 18 January 2017

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 18 Jan

Wednesday 18th January
KEVIN FALLS FURTHER FOUL OF PHELAN As the fire investigator sifts through the charred remains of the garage, he finds a set of keys. Kevin surveys the scene, distraught. Steph tells Andy they’re flying to Portugal on Friday (to stay with Katy) and need to focus on getting as far away from Phelan as they can. As they tell a perplexed Luke of their plans to move Portugal he wonders if there’s more to it than they’re letting on. Meanwhile when Kevin tells Tyrone that he intends to sell the garage once the insurance has paid out, Tyrone becomes suspicious, especially when the fire investigator confirms that the blaze is now in the hands of the police as they suspect it’s a case of arson. The police confirm that with no sign of a forced entry and no sign of Kevin’s laptop it looks like arson. As Tyrone confronts Kevin over the fire, suggesting he started it himself, the police arrive. Will Kevin be arrested on suspicion of arson? Meanwhile Eileen reveals to Liz that she’s marrying Pat tomorrow.
PETER’S STUNNED BY STEVE’S BOMBSHELL Telling Liz that she’s disgusted with Steve who’s behaving like nothing has happened, Michelle heads off to visit Ruairi in the Chapel of Rest. Steve breaks down and confesses to Peter that Leanne is pregnant with his baby and he blames himself for Michelle’s ordeal as it’s payback for his terrible behaviour - will Peter be able to offer any words of comfort?
IT’S A FRESH START FOR SHONA Shona starts work at the caf√©. When Roy explains the difference in VAT on ‘eat in’ or ‘takeaway’ food, Shona does her best to appear interested.
ELSEWHERE In retaliation for Sally’s sex ban, Tim imposes a talking ban. Daniel thanks Sinead for all her help with his MA application and presents her with a venus fly trap. Sarah breaks the news to Bethany that she and Gary are back together.

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Maricha said...

Why is Tyrone so quick to think the worst of Kevin? If things had been going badly they wouldn't have needed to expand the garage and having to deal with a bit of debt couldn't alter things so much that torching the business for insurance money would be better than running it. Why ruin Tyrone's great character?

Anonymous said...

Tyrone could forgive Kevin impregnating his wife and raising their child... but arson, that's just waaaaay too far (really, writers?).

Anonymous said...

I don't much care for Daniel sniffing around Sinead, he knows she's already shacked up with someone and spoken for.

Anyway it is beyond the realms of believability that Daniel would even be remotely interested in blank-faced, dozy Sinead, she's not on his intellectual level by any stretch of the imagination.

Anonymous said...

Daniel is like his Dad. ;)

Anonymous said...

Opposites attract? Maybe?

Pat said...

I think Sinead is not as dozy as you seem to think, it's Chesney that's dragging her down. It would be good if she could make more of her sewing and designing talents. Daniel could be the making of her.

coconno196 said...

Did I miss something? How did Sinead help with Daniel's MA application?

Tvor said...

Sinead didn't actually help. Daniel sneaked a photo of one of her marketing ideas and included that in his application and gave her credit for it.

CK said...

I feel so sad watching Corrie, I dread the scenes with Michelle. I know its just a soap but its so heart wrenching

maggie muggins said...

I got the impression Daniel was inspired by Sinead's creativity and it helped him get over his not believing in himself. Thanks for your explanation, Tvor. That fits too. but isn't that plagiarism?

@Christine K - I also found it so sad watching Michelle's scenes. I'm finding the storyline to be well done and acted by all involved. When a soap of Corrie's stature gets it right, it really raises up above low-brow entertainment.

Cobblestone said...

I agree. She's already beginning to seem brighter & more interesting, and Daniel's comments comparing her to the Venus flytrap were more romantic than anything that the personality-free zone that is Chesney has managed to mumble to her in three years!

Tvor said...

@maggie muggins, I suppose it would only be plagarism if he said the idea was his own. If he used her idea as an example and gave her credit, it would be ok. We don't know what he actually did though.

Lol @Cobblestone "personality-free zone that is Chesney" heh


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