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Tuesday 17 January 2017

Adam Barlow tries to con the Connors

You can't kid a kidder, or in this case, you can't con a Connor - although Adam Barlow is going to give it his best shot and try.

Yes, Adam still thinks he's got a rightful share to the factory (he hasn't) and plans to take back what he thinks is his (it's not).

Inside Soap magazine tells us that Adam recruits Alya into his masterplan for domination of the knicker factory.  Alya gives Adam the factory keys and Johnny's password for the computer.   However, Adam's caught red-handed by Johnny and Aidan!

If anyone can remind us of how Adam relinquished his share of the factory, please do. (Blogger Tvor I'm looking at you and your Corrie wealth of knowledge and memory here...!)

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Tvor said...

Without looking it up, from what I recall, Adam inherited half of the factory, with Danny Baldwin owning the other half. Adam was a sulky teenager or just into his 20s, I forget and though he was working at hte factory with Danny, he was out of his element, not business minded at all at that age and he wanted nothing more than to get one over on Danny with whom he had many conflicts. I believe he met Liam through Michelle over a problem at the factory. Later Liam offered to buy Adam's share. Adam had the factory valued but Liam reckoned he and Paul could get Adam's share cheap because Adam really had no clue. (ok, i looked it up) Adam reduced what he wanted from 150 grand to 100 but they still played hard ball. Adam was desperate to get rid by now and said Danny had offered him 80K to sell to him so the Connor brothers matched it. Adam snatched it up. Seems to me he never was all that interested in the factory and was happy enough to get rid. He didn't involve a lawyer and wouldn't listen to any advice from anyone else. He's got himself to blame for being ripped off, the way I see it.

C in Canada said...

Thank you Tvor, I was wondering about the backstory to that bit of fak'try history myself.

Anonymous said...

I don't like Adam at all. Hope he's not back permanently and will clear off back to Canada PDQ.

piedpiper67 said...

Ha!... Canada doesn't want him. :-) Maybe Scotland can take 'em?

Julie said...

Alya was a nice, principled person when she came to the street. What has happened to her character?

Canadian Girl said...

Stephen Feldman: speak for yourself! Lol

Maricha said...

I think she gets zero support so she tries to fend for herself and does awful things in the process.
For example, why did her grandfather give Gary a share of the gym even after their engagement was called off but she had to blackmail him to get the money for a machine. After all since it was opened by Kal, after his death,his shares would belong to Zeedan and Alya, who are both adults and since she studied management at university why would it be up to anyone else how the shares in that business were distributed if she was being treated correctly?

Julie said...

Fair point Maricha. Alya is another young woman on the street that could do so much more seeing as she has a good education.


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