Saturday, 14 January 2017

Bring back Sunliners to Coronation Street - and here's why

Another great guest blog post from Coronation Street fan Rob Coates.  Ron has already written for us on the subjct of Steve McDonald and he wrote a poem about Zeedan Nazir.

This time, Rob wonders about those who wander from Weatherfield.

Becky McDonald moved to Barbados. Carla Connor moved to Devon. Elsie Tanner moved to Portugal. Reg Holdsworth moved to...  oh... Lowestoft.

Ok, so not everyone gets a happy-ever-after on a sun-soaked beach - poor old Reg - but why do people always move so far away? 

Nobody in Weatherfield ever moves "five minutes away."  It's never just a few stops on the Weatherfield Wayfarer.  If you want to leave Coronation Street, you either move hundreds of miles away to some [mostly] exotic location. Or you move to Victoria Court. There's no in between.

In the late 80s, Gail attempted to live away form the street in her cosy Weatherfield council house with Brian. And look what happened to her. All her husbands ended up dying or moving to Liverpool. Life can be very cruel.

Andy McDonald moved to Spain. Rosie Webster moved to London. And Spider Nugent ended up in Peru.

Sally once had lofty ambitions to move to leafy Cheshire. Which is at least a little bit closer than South America yet further than the Corner Shop. Perfect! But, alas, poor Sally divorced her long-term garage owner, Kevin Webster. And married long-term ladder-owner, Tim Metcalfe. So she never quite made it past Viaduct Street.

Raquel Watts moved to Kuala Lumpur. Bet Lynch ended up in Brighton. And if memory serves me, Bill Webster returned to Germany.

Nobody ever gathers all their friends and neighbours in the Rovers for a goodbye send-off to move to Wythenshawe or Fallowfield. It always seems to be some far-flung destination that prevents them from ever popping over for a quick catch-up and a gossip in the Kabin.

With so many locals going on their travels, it's amazing that Alec Gilroy isn't still running the Weatherfield branch of Sunliners. They'd be quids-in.

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Anonymous said...

Lloyd & Andrea moved to Jersey. I really wish Lloyd would come back and help out his friend Steve who is really, really dull by himself. Even Steve with Rover is better than Steve by himself.

Anonymous said...

I live in Lowestoft, I bump into Reg quite often :-)

Louby said...

Martin Platt went to Liverpool. But he is quite exceptional!

Anonymous said...

Maybe has was an exceрtion Louby - but I think his acting could never be called 'exceрtional' :)

Louby said...

The very idea is amusing! ☺ That will teach me to comment on posts in a hurry!

C in Canada said...

Cilla moved only to Wolverhampton.

Sherrilan Laroche said...

Katy Armstrong went to her mother's in Portugal.

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