Sunday, 15 January 2017

Liz to confide in Michelle about losing her own baby

Next week in Coronation Street, we'll see Liz talk to Michelle about her agony at losing her own baby.

On Friday night, January 20th, Liz and Michelle will have a heart to heart after Michelle pushes Steve away from her in her grief.  Liz will tell Michelle how important it was for her and Jim to stay strong as a couple after Liz lost the baby girl that they had called Katherine "Katie" McDonald.

Liz's baby was born prematurely on 1st January 1992 and died within a couple of days.  I remember this storyline vividly and with great sadness. 

Liz's grand-daughter Amy Barlow has Katherine as her middle name in honour of Liz's baby.

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Tvor said...

I'd also like to see Sarah talk to Michelle about baby Billy but the person that was in the same boat was Maria whose preemie baby stopped moving and she had to give birth knowing the baby was already gone.

Anonymous said...

That's a whole lot of sadness on one street.

Anonymous said...

There's definitely a whole lot of death and destruction on this one street!

Cobblestone said...

I remember Maria's stillbirth, but only very vaguely. I can't recall ANY of the circumstances surrounding it. Who was the father, even?

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