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Friday 27 January 2017

Coronation Street Weds 25th January episode review

Hiya! It’s just Jordan with this week’s Wednesday review – as tradition dictates, not actually on a Wednesday!

Wednesday’s episode opened with a reconciliation – a promising start following Monday’s suicide fiasco. It now seems that Michelle has realised that her husband has simply been grieving in his own way and the pair head home from the chapel of rest together to get ready for the funeral of Rauri. In line with Michelle’s wishes, they are to be the only two people attending the funeral. A little selfish if you ask me. Michelle and Steve may have suffered the loss of a child, but Liz has suffered the loss of a grandchild. The fact that she has a secret one on the way is beside the point. She understands the wishes of her daughter-in-law and forcibly accepts them, but as she does this, there is a rather unpleasant surprise floating upstream in the shape of a Moses basket. Apparently, she ordered it months ago, which makes me think it was being delivered from the underbelly of China, but obviously does not want to laden Steve and Michelle with it on the day of the funeral for a child that should have been sleeping in it.

"I bet you wish it was me and not her"
"No. I wouldn't wish that on anyone"
"I'm sorry, I just feel so guilty"
"Me too"

The two Street pregnancies which Steve McDonald caused begin to cross paths, when Liz decides the best thing to do is to offer the Moses basket to Leanne. She gratefully accepts the basket and Liz is later seen grooming a plant she has bought in memory of her grandchild. In the meantime, Nick has been playing his super stepdad routine and has bought Leanne the exact same Moses basket on the exact same day Liz gave hers to Leanne.

This part of the story in Wednesday night’s Corrie is what drove the episode from what was so far of a rather promising and touching nature right into the realms of anger-inducing ridiculousness. After inviting Liz over for a coffee to ensure she is out of the way when Steve and Michelle return from the funeral, the pair are faced with Nasty Nick. As usual, 2D Tilsley refuses to listen to anyone, cutting everyone off because he knows best.  He cruelly forces Liz to take the Moses basket back without considering the ramifications for anyone in the situation before snarling at Liz that she has nothing to do with Leanne’s baby.  

Leanne apologies through tears for the hurt she has not caused and Nick looks on, vapid and uncouth. I got so angry whilst watching this scene. If I could swear on this blog, I probably would. Nick’s behaviour is so unnecessary. He is cruel, egotistical and I really hope this whole Nick/Leanne and Toyah/Peter thing is a storyline designed to get Leanne and Peter back together.  Apart from this silly scene, the rest of the storyline developed rather well in Wednesday’s episode. The funeral was handled sensitively, with both Michelle and Steve getting equal opportunity to express their grief.  
"I love you, son"

Elsewhere, Adam did some more pestering and threatening over at the factory, still adamant that he is entitled to something. After Aidan refuses to upgrade Alya to the posher job title of deputy, she agrees to help Adam with his scheme to bring the business of Underworld down.  As well as all this, Norris has a falling out with Brian over time spent in the shower. This results in Brian turning up on in Roy’s doorway, expecting lodgings. Why can’t Brian just rent his own place? But that is only one of many unanswered questions about the current state of the Street.

As always, thanks for reading!
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Anonymous said...

Anything to do with Underworld lately is boring. You'd think it was Ewing Oil the way characters have fought over the company over the years. And so far, Adam's return has been quite mediocre, and I don't think this story is going to change that.

Anonymous said...

Nick is so nasty, I have no idea why Leanne is with him.

Anonymous said...

Loved Steve's goodbye to his little boy, heart-wrenching stuff!

Maricha said...

Thanks Jordan. I do think Nick is being petty and rude but frankly, in real life, if there was any chance of this baby being raised as Nick and Leanne's,as Steve himself wants it, that would be blown by start to take this sort of gift from Liz. To tell you the truth, if I'd miscarried in the past as Leanne has, I wouldn't want anything that was meant for a baby that died.Just superstitious, but no. Besides, there's no way Liz would give Leanne such a nice gift if she didn't think of this baby as her grandchild, when has she ever given anyone a decent gift?
I can't believe Adam is trying to worm his way into Underworld as Anonymous 03:43 has pointed out, this isn't Ewing Oil, so it isn't obvious that it was undervalued and even if it was, it was on Adam to get a proper evaluation before selling his shares.

Anonymous said...

Great review as usual.

Ancient corrier said...

Looks like Leanne has left her 'baby bump' hanging on a hook in the wardrobe department!

abbyk said...

I don't understand the whole Adam thing. He was not a minor when he signed over his shares. Between a legal binding contract and possibly an expired statute of limitations, he should know if he has a case. He is supposed to be a lawyer. Just looking for an easy ride, what a waste of space.

Same with Brian. Grow the heck up. (Would really like to see more of Norris and Sean) You have a real job, get your own place. Oooooooh, I dislike nothing more than smart people acting stupidly.

Except adults throwing tantrums. Nick, darling, if you still have a brain problem, get back to therapy. At least let us see you're trying. If Not, you are a totally rude jerk, go put yourself in a timeout, that outburst was totally uncalled for.

Louby said...

I thought this was mostly an excellent episode. I haven't liked the baby storyline at all but I thought that the funeral was well done. Beverley Callard was brilliant throughout this. No hysterics but Liz's grief was evident. The beginnings of a different sort of relationship between her and Leanne, which will make it even worse for Michelle when she finds out about Leanne's baby.


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