Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Jenny Bradley - the new queen of Underworld?

Jenny Bradley is all set to make a name for herself as the new queen of Underworld. Or at least, she's going to try.  Inside Soap magazine say this week that Jenny forges head with a new business idea she has and she doesn't tell Johnny anything about it.

That sounds just like Jenny to us!

Kate's not best pleased to find out that Johnny and Jenny are engaged. She becomes convinced that Jenny is only after her dad's money and that Johnny needs protecting.

However, Jenny's bright idea for the business might just work. She hits upon a plan after a chat with a breast cancer survivor and works on a prototype for a mastectomy bra.  And so when some buyers come to see the new bra, Johnny's surprised as he knows nothing about what Jenny's been up to.

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Scott Willison said...

"Kate Connor returns next week" - she was part of the search party for Michelle last night!

Cobblestone said...

She was - which for a moment had me VERY confused, as she was standing in profile with her hair covering her face and I thought she was Michelle, who everyone around her was talking about searching for.

Aussie Pete said...

Sounds like a really good storyline, the Mastectomy Bras. A good way to bring more awareness to Breast Cancer and it's community. It'll be nice to see Jenny and Sally getting along too, united for a good cause.

Anonymous said...

What a brilliant character.

Anonymous said...

What a nasty character.

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