Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Kevin Webster in crisis on Coronation Street

There's money trouble brewing in Coronation Street. Inside Soap magazine tell us that cash-strapped Kev persuades angsty Anna to sue David Platt for compensation for her burn injuries. 

And as the two of them discuss it, Anna's aghast to find out that someone has offered cash to Kevin to tide him over his money troubles.

Meanwhile over at the garage, Tyrone puts his foot down and claims the first step in turning around their business fortunes is by reducing the workforce - starting with Sophie when she returns from abroad.

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Anonymous said...

Sophie's "job" was a complete joke. All she did from what I could tell was strut around in designer clothes clutching a clipboard. Surplus to requirements!

Why isn't Sally helping out with Sophie's medical bills have the writers forgotten she is Sophie's Mum?

Anonymous said...

Until this story line came up I'd utterly forgotten Sophie was away... do not miss her at all and so not looking forward to her ditsy slut sister returning to the Street.

Maricha said...

Tyrone is right about this. The garage isn't big enough to require Sophie's presence. She's not a mechanic and I don't know what management expertise she has even if such a thing was needed to run the garage.

C in Canada said...

I wondered that also Anon - why hadn't Sally ponied up the money before this?
So true that she is just a tumbleweed in the garage.

Julie said...

Sophie is a complete waste of space, she's never going to amount to anything. I was surprised Sally was satisfied with her daughter working in the corner shop.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps I've missed something. Is Tyrone a co-owner of Kevin's garage? If not, then he should be suggesting the boss fire his own daughter. That never goes well.

Anonymous said...

It the not so distant past, when Sally and Kevin were in hard times financially, Sally suggested that Kevin make Tyrone part-owner of the garage. Cue Tyrone's absence of guaranteed salary, and Tyrone's wife Molly asking to see the company books (much to Sally's irritation).

Anonymous said...

I think the writers have forgotten that Kevin gave Sophie a 21% stake in the garage on her 21st birthday, so she's actually more than just an employee.

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