Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 2nd January

Happy new year! And welcome to the first episode review of 2017.

It's a bit of an odd one, because there's no underlying theme, neither is there really an A, B and C storyline. Rather, the Connors are the epicentre and everything radiates out through them. Johnny has decided that he's retiring and this pleases Eva, who wanders into the factory like she owns the gaffe, borrows an iPad and then leaves again, but infuriates Jenny, who enjoys her premium status of boss's girlfriend. In the gifted hands of Jonathan Harvey, Jenny becomes a birrova bitch, scheming and plotting. She overhears Jonny berating Aidan for "sniffing around other girls" and, after an argument in which Aidan calls her a gold-digger, she sees him talking shop with Alya in the pub, and puts two and two together and makes a chance to cause trouble. Don't play with Jenny or you'll play with fire!

Eva has another nemesis on her hands as she fails to make a connection with her half-step-sister and is displeased when Toyah says that she is glad Maria is in the big house because the crimper slept with her boyfriend back in 2003. Toyah maybe needs to forgive and forget given that she is how's your father-ing with her sister's ex-husband! Eva though, suspects nothing, and even sends Aidan off to prison without her after her bus breaks down. Aidan confesses that he is in love with both Maria and Eva and that he wants to take Maria and Liam away on holiday when she has served her sentence. Maria feels that he's buying her off and darkly hints about revealing their tryst to Eva, something Aidan seeks to head off by telling his girlfriend that Maria's saying all kinds of weird things. "Who knows what she'll say next?"

Jonathan Harvey must have been at the archives because another bit of Corrie history is invoked, that a) Paul and Liam Connor conned Adam out of his share of the factory and b) Peter returned his shares to Carla, following their split. Adam, whose DNA is at least 50% shark, wants to sue the Connors for his rightful share, but Peter's only doing it for a jape, until Simon starts talking about a Caribbean getaway that Nick is organising for the Battersby-Tilsley clan. Peter begins planning his counter-holiday with Simon, which can surely only be funded by a) getting his shares back or b) I dunno, maybe getting a job? I hear that Paddy Power in the precinct are hiring. Anyway, the upshot is that Johnny tells Aidan that if he can sort the Barlow-Baldwin ruckus, he will fully retire and hand over the reins to his son.

In a non-Connor related story, Brian (not Bri, never Bri) persuades Sally to badmouth Giles Gove, who is interested in buying the caff, to Roy. Big cheese at the council, Sal says that Mr Gove is a bad 'un, homophobic, transphobic, rips people off and is likely to turn Roy's Rolls into a penny arcade. Unfortunately, she confuses the potench buyer with Michael Gove and then Miles Gove (maybe Michael Gove's even eviller twin brother?) and the jig is up. "You think you know what's good for me, but you don't," Roy angrily tells Brian. "I've ruined everything, of course I have to leave." I somehow think he'll stay, don't you, readers?

Shona, a.ka. the new Kylie/Becky, is causing trouble for Billy as Todd objects to him bringing her back to stay chez Grimshaw, and the hostel manager whose purse Shona steals in order to replace the money she took from David's wallet, after Todd emotionally blackmails her with David's recent history.

And Phelan continues his blackmail of poor lovely daft Andy by showing him some of Steph's jewellery, implying he can get into their flat any time. Andy is to collect Kev's new pick up truck for evil Phelan.

Overall, it was a good couple of episodes, As Oscar Wilde so nearly said: when you're tired of Weatherfield, you're tired of life.

Rachel Stevenson - on twitter.

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Anonymous said...

I thought they were very poor episodes - aimless with very forced comedy.

abbyk said...

Little nit pick, Rachel. It was Paul and Liam Connor, not the Baldwins, who swindled Adam. Moot point, tho'. Wouldn't there be a statute of limitations? It happened over 10 years ago. I'm not a lawyer. Adam is but in Canada, and IDK if the law is the same. Don't think he was a minor when it happened. Time for Adam to find a job and be more than a scam artist with a diploma.

At this point, is it Roy, Norris, the Barlows, the Alahans, the MacDonalds and the various Connors who haven't been poisoned by Pat Phelan? The Grimshaws. Websters, Platts, Nazirs, Rita, and Andy have. It's about 50/50 on the street and nobody besides annoying Anna and maybe Andy believe he's evil.

Rossie said...

What was Eva thinking, getting Aiden a kitten for Christmas! Maybe it is a substitute for a baby, to somehow mould them into a family. But it not working, because even after one night Aiden is irritated by cat hairs on his clothes. So no we have Eccles, Darryl and the, unnamed, kitten. And also Steve's lovely little dog. Simon''s rabbit Leanne passed away, and I still miss Schmeichel ...And there was Maria and Liam's dog. Not sure where this rambling post is going, except perhaps to muse on what animals match which characters.....I would have put Eva with a fluffy Peke, or maybe a handbag-sized dog?

Anonymous said...

I think I must be getting tired of life if this is the best Corrie can do. Not even their best writer can save this juggernaut from going over the metaрhorical cliff! :(

Pat said...

I thought yesterday's episodes were among the worst I've ever seen. I am becoming so disappointed when I really don't want to be.

Rapunzel said...

The kitten's name is Boo. He's a British Blue. I hope he sticks around and gets hugely teddy bearish

Rapunzel said...

What's with all the sad sacking? In enjoying Corrie at the moment. There are a lot of new storylines that have yet to develop. The new characters, villians and heroes, all have some pizzazz. That Nathan looks like he'll be much more convincing than Callum, for instance, and Shona intrigues me. It's a drama, let there be some dramatics.

coconno196 said...

I don't remember Paul and Liam Connor conning Adam out of the factory, I thought they just bought him out because he wasn't interested. More fool him if he squandered the money. I can't believe he has a case for suing Johnny all these years later, especially as P and L are now deceased. Adam is a very unpleasant character, clearly trying to channel Mike Baldwin, but I don't think Mike was a crook.

Rachel Stevenson said...

Thanks for the info re: the Connors' con; I've updated the review.

Gale said...

The writers need to be fired because it's boring. Phelan lording over everything is bad writing and it would have been more interesting to have Andy go to the police and say phelan is threatening to say he is his attacker unless he gives him money. And then Todd can go to the police and tell them phelan's role and how he got involved to make sure his brothers money is safe. And phelan tells police that Eileen is also involved and her tile purchase can be proof.
And, why maria in jail when Tracy should get her comeuppance? I am sick and tired of women going to jail unjustly when only Jim and that pilot went to jail.
I could write better scripts with an abacus!!!

Tvor said...

coconno196 is right. Adam couldn't be bothered with the factory and took the first offer he got which was too low but he took it anyway. There's no proof that he was coerced or fooled, just proof that he was stupid!