Tuesday, 3 January 2017

The faces of Corrie in 2016

As a new year dawns, let's take a look at the faces of Corrie from 2016.

To see the full list of appearances for 2016 on Corriepedia, click here.

In 2016, 262 episodes were broadcast.

1. Nick Tilsley (145 episodes)
2. Michelle McDonald (140 episodes)
3. David Platt (133 episodes)
4. Aidan Connor (130 episodes)
5. Pat Phelan (130 episodes)
6. Anna Windass (130 episodes)
7. Leanne Battersby (125 episodes)
8. Gail Rodwell (122 episodes)
9. Sarah Platt (119 episodes)
10. Todd Grimshaw (116 episodes)
11. Tim Metcalfe (116 episodes)
12. Eva Price (116 episodes)

Average age: 39

by Llifon

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Anonymous said...

sally was ousted :)

Anonymous said...

The one who puzzles me is Anna Windass. Am I forgetting key storylines? Or did Anna make the top 12 by virtue of working in the caf? Also, if Phelan was in so many episodes, Eileen can't be far behind, can she?

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