Friday, 3 March 2017

What if... Steve isn't the dad of Leanne's baby?

Yesterday, we posted a blog after Coronation Street actor Jane Danson, who plays Leanne Battersby, was interviewed on ITV's Lorraine. Jane was talking about the future for Leanne now that baby Oliver's secret dad has been revealed.  You can read the blog post here.

Well, in one of the comments on that blog post, a Coronation Street fan said that they weren't convinced that Steve is actually the dad. 

Oh, now then!  That's got me thinking. 

Yes, we know that Steve slept with Leanne. Yes, we know that Leanne isn't best pleased about Toyah and Peter being a couple.  What we don't know for sure, or have any proof of, is whether Steve is actually the biological dad to baby Oliver. There hasn't been a DNA test done yet.

So, and here's the rub, my friends, do we think that Steve is actually the dad to Leanne's baby?

And if he isn't... could the baby be Peter's?!  I wonder...

I'm hoping our blogger Tvor and her magic memory of events in the show might be able to let us know if Leanne could have possibly spent time with Peter around, er, nine months ago?

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Maricha said...

I also wonder but Peter's attitude since returning is what makes me doubt he's the father. He's been treating Leanne as he would a sibling and had no real interest in her pregnancy aside from using it to needle Nick once he knew Steve was the biological father. Of course he could be pretending but he never had an unguarded moment about this.
Nonetheless, it could still not be Steve's. There are plenty of fish in the sea and Leanne is a free woman. Maybe she was with someone else as well as Steve but used protection in that case which is why she assumed Steve got her pregnant and not this other guy, but, no protection is 100% effective.
Come to think of it though, didn't Peter brag about his fertility to Toyah? Considering he's only got one son and Carla was the only other woman he got pregnant to our knowledge, that sounded odd at the time but maybe this was a hint that it's Peter's baby after all! O_o

Louby said...

I think Leanne and Simon did visit Peter not long before she got together with Steve. Much as I like this theory though, even Peter is capable of working out if he could be the dad, and voicing his suspicions. I would like it to happen though!

Abercrombie said...

This is a bit left of the current question, however I do wish to express it. I thought the treatment of Leanne by Michelle and Nick was appalling given that she had just given birth. In a stuck lift, which must have been traumatic, especially in terms of the safe delivery of baby given her history. At least in reality this would be so.
Is there no point in a fury situation where a mother would stop short of smacking the face of a new mother? And as for Nick the look he gave her when he left in his usual immature way, when Leanne was attempting to be reasonable and calm was a disgrace. No support for her only a petulant Nick not getting his own way. Imagine being in that situation where Leanne took the blame as hers. Well, yes 50%, and very badly judged and weak to have a one night stand with Steve McDonald, but these things happen. I'm sick of Nick, his behaviour is unbelievable and no different really than before the 'brain damage'. Would a strong women really put up with someone like Nick for long and again, for the third? time? I did feel for Leanne.

Tvor said...

Abercrombie, you're right. Michelle has always been entitled. I have a bit of sympathy for her in that she really was betrayed badly, but when her fury went violent, re Leanne and trashing the pub and attacking Eva, I lost any sympathy for her. Nick's behaviour though, can't really be attributed to his brain injury, just as you say. He was always a selfish tw#t.

abbyk said...

Or...Toby is Leanne's baby daddy. Leanne slept with her sister's husband just like Nick slept with his brother's wife. Even Stevens. JK!

I'm sure we'll be retconned as soon as a dramatic need arises.

Rapunzel said...

Back strong the time, didn't Leanne say something about having been lonely and Steve being the first since Kal died? I just can't remember to whom she said it. Eva or Steve himself?

Rapunzel said...

Whoops, that would be "around", not "strong". Damned iPhone autocorrect!

ThatGuyontheblog said... in this episode Leanne and simon returned from Portsmouth.

Laura said...

@Maricha - Peter got Leanne pregnant too - she fell down the stairs when they were living in the flat above the bookies and had a miscarriage, which is also when she found out she most likely wouldn't be able to have children going forward.

Maricha said...

I see.Thank-you, I didn't remember that though I had a vague notion she got bad fertility news while married to Peter, I couldn't remember why that came about.

TLC said...

I would be very disappointed in the writers if they switched the dad from Steve to anyone else. The way Leanne handled the shock of her pregnancy, led us to believe she had no doubt who the Daddy was. She was conflicted, yes. Because Steve is a married man, and she wanted no relationship with Steve whatsoever.

Rosieluv said...

Wow. Please let it be Peter's so we can all see Toyah's face when it comes out!

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