Sunday, 5 March 2017

More Barlow babies required on Coronation Street

Another great guest blog post from Coronation Street fan Rob Coates. 

Rob his on twitter @abfabrobcoates

And now, it's over to Rob...

"Is it just me who believes the Barlow gene should always be a part of Corrie?

With Sinead's latest pregnancy news, the possible patter of tiny feet on the cobbles is good news. Because we need the Barlow name to stick around. And the way to do that is by more Barlows being born.

As the years go on, it's becoming less and less likely that Tracy will have another child. Not impossible, but more unlikely. And she's not really a Barlow, anyway. She's a Langton. Which, of course, means that Amy is a Langton/McDonald. So Amy's future off-spring are useless in this argument!

Luckily we have good old Peter who probably can't work the zip in his jeans, having never had the need to keep his pants on for longer than five minutes in any given day. Which is good news for the Barlow gene as there are countless possibilities in the future for some random women to turn up in Weatherfield claiming that at some point in the past, they slept with and got pregnant by our Peter. Meaning the Barlow name could live on.

Then there's Adam Barlow. Surely he will leave a few women alone and pregnant after a night of passion. Meaning we could also end up with a Peter-type situation with Adam. And to think the male biological influence on Adam was the Baldwin gene. Seems as though the Barlow and Baldwin genes aren't that different after all. Who knew?

We also have Simon. A true Barlow. He will have plenty of opportunity to sow the Barlow gene in years to come. And judging by the past actions of Sarah-Lou or Faye, he may not have long to wait.

Although the forgotten Lawrence Cunningham has the Barlow gene, he's now in his late 50s and so the possibility of him having more children seem similar to Tracy's chances.

Lawrence, of course, already has a son bearing the Barlow gene, James. But as James is gay, the chances of James becoming the father of a Barlow child might be slimmer. There are various options open to him, such as artificial insemination, should he so choose. Only time will tell. And that's if anyone actually remembers that he exists.

We might remember that Ken had a brother - David, who did have a son - Darren. However, both were killed off in an off-screen car crash in the early seventies.  

So it's all down to Ken's kids. Let's hope that Sinead and Daniel have their baby so that the Barlow name and gene can live on.

With thanks for this guest blog post from Coronation Street fan Rob Coates. 
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Jonathan Middleton said...

Exactly Tracy was adapted by Ken and as far as she's concerned he's her dad.

Pat said...

In what way was she adapted, I'd be interested to know what changes he made!

Maricha said...

I see the point you're making but I'm assuming that by the Barlow gene you want more Ken-like characters to be on the street. If so, only Daniel fits the bill and I doubt having a kid with Sinead will perpetuate the bookish, snooty personality.
The others are Barlows in name only as far as behavior is concerned no matter how genetically Barlow they are. They should have been written differently but I can't see Ken's influence on any of them except, perhaps, for making Peter and Tracy feel it's OK to be unreliable parents as long as you mean well.

Louby said...

Love your description of Peter, Rob!

I know Tracy is now 40, but maybe a few more years of child bearing possibilities? I agree, the Barlow name should live on!

It's a shame there are no Duckworths any more. Terry is still out there somewhere, although I wouldn't really want to see him return. Paul must have finished his jail sentence for burning down Leandro's years ago, Tommy could come back with a different head, and Brad must be an adult by now surely? But there's probably not enough reason for any of them to return.

Rob Coates said...

I wasn't referring to Ken-type characters, just Barlow's in general. It's the only family to have made it through the full 757 year run, so it feels only right for them to stay on n the show. Rob C. x

Rob Coates said...

57, not 757, hahahaha x

Maricha said...

Ah! In that case, it's a safe bet that Peter will have more and that Daniel and Simon will have kids. I can't see the name disappearing anytime soon.

David the Wavid said...

No to introducing new kids just for the sake of it. Big names like Walker, Baldwin and Duckworth are now consigned to history but that doesn't mean those characters didn't leave a legacy.

Cobblestone said...

As far as perpetuating the Barlow name is concerned, Daniel is a non-starter as he uses his mother's name, Osbourne (despite Ken raising him for the first couple of years of his life.) He could change it, I suppose, but I'd be interested to see the circumstances that would prompt him to do so.

Rebecca Irvine said...

Adopted lol

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