Sunday, 5 March 2017

Corrie Weekly Awards for Feb. 27 - March 3

Reality award: I do like it when we see a character like Liz who is normally made up, dressed up and hair done looking like most of us in the morning. A bit of makeup, yes, but hair in curlers and wearing comfy clothes.

Hypocrite award: Ken Barlow who had a few punch ups over women himself over the years, usually with Mike Baldwin. He was standing on July ice when he was giving Daniel a hard time over the fight with Chesney.
Also, the locked in punters for staying put while Michelle slags off Steve, insults Eva and drags her out by the hair when she stands her ground against Michelle. All for the want of a few free drinks, condoning increasingly bad behaviour.

Foot in Mouth award: Rita, gossiping about Steve fathering a baby with another woman, to Kevin. Ooops.

Red Flag, Raging Bull award: Michelle.

Sitting on the Fence award: Tim (see his line of the week below)

Musical Ambiance: Michelle playing Respect on the juke during the lockout.

Fashion award: Rosie might be in overalls, but she still accessorizes!

Blast from the Past: Seeing Gail behind the cafe counter!

Method acting award: Ken Barlow. If it isn't "deer caught in the headlights", it's "utter confusion masked as disappointment", his other "go to" reaction/expression.

Voice of Reason award: Peter made some very valid points in his conversation with Leanne in defense of Steve.

Aggressive award: Forget the romance of red wine, Robert's going for "down and dirty" with tequila.

Lines of the week:
Gemma about a naked kebab "it seems a shame to have salad on your birthday."
Gail "I might not be able to stop my children getting into trouble but I can make sure they eat properly"
Mary "I was the only person strong enough to lift the carthorse's leg" (HA!)
Anna "Sally, I don't take pleasure in your family's problems. Just yours!"
Tim "I want a pint with me mate, and I want to support me mate's wife when he's being an idiot"
Sally on Rosie's Instagram content "I wish I could say I was more familiar with your face than your bosum"
Tracy to Steve "You normally keep the worst of your stupidity behind closed doors"
Daniel to Ken "We can't all go running away every time the going gets a bit tough" (ouch)
Nick "How many legs does Steve have to stand on"
Ken "I just don't like the thought of him making a show of himself in public" Rita "Oh... I wonder who he gets it off?" (cue Ken looking sheepish)
Peter "I am alot of things but I'm not dishonest" (Yeah, right. to be fair, even he saw the irony in that one)
Robert "You're a human being. There's no learning curve. I went out with Tracy Barlow, twice!"
Bethany "Is it possible to die of embarassment because if it is, I'm not long for this world!" (said every teenager ever!)

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Louby said...

"July ice", is that a predictive text gone wrong?!

A Voice of Reason award for Daniel, not going off on one at the pregnancy news, and going as far as writing a pros and cons list.

Tvor said...

July Ice means it's very, very thin ice indeed!

Louby said...

Makes sense! I'd never heard that one before:)

TLC said...

Robert didn't just go out with Tracy twice. He married her! Did he forget? ;)