Sunday, 12 March 2017

Did Ken do the right thing with Adam - Yay or Nay?

Was Ken too harsh on Friday night when he told grandson Adam to sling his hook?  Ken even packed Adams' bag for him and gave him the cash to pay for a plane ticket back there too.

"It's because I'm Mike Baldwin's son, isn't it?" Adam asked. And even though Ken denied that it had anything to do with that, we know that's got to be a factor.  Ken wants a quiet life with his academic and that doesn't involve Adam, or any reminder of Mike Baldwin either.

It's hypocritical of Ken, I feel, to abandon Adam while continuing to allow Tracy - who, let's not forget, killed someone - to live at No. 1.

But was Ken right to cut his ties with Adam and set him loose?  What do you think?

Yay or Nay?

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Scott Willison said...

Adam is so unlikeable it's hard to care. Ken may have given Peter and Tracy more slack, but they have a bit of fun about them. Adam's just awful. Send him back!

Tvor said...

IT's a bit weird, though. He packed Adam's bag. Which means he must have gone into the flat *again* and rifled through Adam's things *again* because Adam wasn't living at Number 1. And it was a bit silly reconning Adam's health crisis as a side effect from drugs he was taking. Ken was over there months and surely he would have consulted with Adam's doctors who prescribed those pills according to Adam. Doesn't add up. And yes, Peter and Tracy both have done or have been accused of doing a lot of awful things, too. Did Ken do the right thing? Nay. It wasn't his business to take on the responsibility of telling Adam to leave, not if Adam wasn't living under his roof. Telling him he's out of the will altogether, yes.

Maricha said...

The fact is Adam did admit he was getting involved in a drug deal. Even if you wanted a wild and crazy life, you'd draw the line at having a relative commit a major crime and on your doorstep too.
Having said that, considering that Adam just got exactly what he deserved for getting involved with a drug dealer and his girlfriend, Ken would have been more justified in telling Adam to take this as a lesson and get back on the right track than in sending him away.

Tracy is still around because she pays no mind to Ken's grumbling not because he hasn't, at times, also wished she would stay away.

While, we're on the subject, maybe we'll finally understand why Adam is sticking around in the first place. He came for Ken's stroke not to settle back home.

Maricha said...

I agree that if you didn't invite someone and they're not under your roof, the most you can do is tell them not to visit you.

Derelict Cucumberpatch said...

Nay, Ken wasn't right. Talk about kick a man when he's down. Nasty, just nasty. At the end of the day, Adam is his flesh and blood whether he likes it or not. And I do think there is a degree of Ken's feelings for Adam that are down to who his father was.

abbyk said...

It's harsh but I think Ken, it his presumably diminished capacity, did the right thing. He is the head of the clan and Adam has put them all, including two minors, in harms way. Adam is a grown man, an intelligent one, who knows better but has done nothing but scheme and cheat since he's arrived. Tracy and Peter have done wrong but they are as intelligent as Adam nor, as they are not lawyers, are they as expected to follow the law as rigorously. Yes, Tracy murdered someone, but he was a horrible man. Yes, Peter has endangered Simon more than once, but in the end he always does right by him, even if it's hard (i.e., giving custody to Leanne). PEter and Tracy were there right away when Ken needed them after Deirdre's death and his stroke, and they've given him grandchildren. And for all the Mike he sees in Adam, I think Ken also sees Susan and the failure of a father he was to her.

I try not to follow spoilers but I would guess that Adam ain't goin nowhere. We need a love to hate character, and he is very pretty. Please, PTB, don't make him too over the top.

Humpty Dumpty said...

It was wrong, given all that Ken's forgiven in his other children, but we shouldn't take it too seriously. There should have been a message in the corner of the screen: 'Plot device approaching!' Adam has to have a really solid reason for hating Ken and will become the new baddie in the family. Anyway, Adam clearly isn't fit to travel so he'll have to go back to his flat where he'll plot his revenge on his grandfather.

Ruth Owen said...

I'm completely with you Derelict Cucumberpatch. Give the man a chance, as Ken did Tracy and Peter. I can't help but think, for all Ken says he loves Adam, that the Mike Baldwin factor is very strong. But this is Ken's daughters's son - shoddy treatment Ken.

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