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Coronation Street Weds 1st March episode review

Hiya! It’s just Jordan with this week’s Wednesday review. Yes, it’s actually me! Remember me? The blogger who went in the huff with Corrie for a few weeks and then found himself further behind than ever before. I’m still not entirely enjoying it but never mind.  Anyway, I’m back now and the light-hearted not-on-a-Wednesday reviews can resume.
 Steve is moping around behind the bar of the empty pub, shadowed by enduring mother Liz – a common set up for recent episodes. As we know, the big secret is out. I thought the way it was revealed was a bit of a cop out, but let’s not get into that right now.  He’s decided that he wants everything to do with the baby fathered with Leanne. Tracy spots her ex-husband on the street trying to talk to Leanne, but as expected, he is completely shut out. As the self-proclaimed Queen of Making a Scene, Tracy gives Steve a pep talk on fighting for the right to see his son.  And while she’s at it, she encourages Steve to tell Amy that she has a brother. Amy doesn’t take the news well, but is not surprised that her dad has made a mistake.  However, Steve has decided to take matters into his own hands regarding Baby Oliver...
"I've got an appointment with the solicitor"
Our Pal Sal was horrified that daughter Rosie was subject to a wolf whistle while window cleaning from some builders. Fancying herself as some sort of modern-day Emily Pankhurst, the crazy councillor plants herself centre-street with a megaphone, providing a glaring soundtrack to every other scene in the episode. Things are looking bleak for the councillor, who appears to have very little support. That is until old but bold Aunty Rita rides to the rescue to assist her pal Sal.
"What do we want? Respect for women! When do we want it? We want it now!"

Chesney did a really daft thing in Wednesday’s episode. He listened to Gemma. Now, as we know, Chesney and Sinead are no longer together thanks to Sinead working overtime on her knickers with Daniel. After about a week or two of separation, Chesney had hoped that  a reconciliation was  on the cards, but that seemed unlikely when Sinead came round to collect her things. Chesney was childishly horrified by this yet set about putting her things into boxes in the middle of the night. For some bizarre reason, he carried out Gemma’s suggestion of flogging all of poor Sinead’s stuff over the counter in the kebab shop. For one thing, any clothes being bought from a kebab shop would need  a wash before first use! Rather predictably, there happens to be a brooch amongst Sinead’s things, which just happens to have a lot of sentimental value, which just happens to be one of the first items sold. When Sinead and new boyfriend Daniel catch wind of what’s going on, the punch up which has been a long time coming finally arrives. A typical Corrie scrap ensues, with both parties eventually being pulled away by their families. Ken gives Daniel a tired lecture before sloping off, knowing full well the consequences of feuds over women. After all that, Daniel presents Sinead with a necklace which belonged to his mother before allegedly nipping out to Frescho’s to get something for dinner.  
"She done the dirty on you. Now it's your turn"
Not a bad episode, although it did seem a little empty. I find the most gripping storyline at present to Bethany’s grooming. It was only hinted at in last night’s episode, with Mel suggesting that Bethany gets the implant because a baby can ruin things. Hmmm.

Anyway, until next week!

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Jonathan Middleton said...

I liked the scene with Steve and Tracy it's nice to see the writers push Tracy beyond evil baddie who causes trouble for no good reason.

abbyk said...

I'm looking forward to Amy and Simon dealing with the Oliver mess. Steve's an idiot who bungles everything, Nick is selectively brain damaged, and Leanne is, appropriately, exhausted. The kids can't possibly be any worse than the adults.

Louby said...

Welcome back!

That comment about the implant was really creepy. So was Daniel's expression when Sinead mentioned his mum.

You didn't mention Shona. She really is a mystery isn't she? Who was the baby on the photo she didn't want Gail to see for a start. I wonder if she was involved with Nathan like Mel is now, but refused to cooperate and then found herself on the streets. I'm looking forward to seeing how it all works out.

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