Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Coronation Street spoiler: Faye gets inked

In next week's Coronation Street Seb and Faye decide to have 'his and hers' tattoos. However, only Faye is brave enough to go through with getting inked and ends up with a tattoo that gets her into trouble.

Inside Soap magazine reveal that Faye ends up in hospital after the tattoo gets infected.  As you can imagine, Anna's not best pleased with what Faye's gone and done. 

And as for Seb...?

Well, Phelan slips Seb some cash and advises him to get Faye a birthday present if he wants to keep her sweet. Faye is  impressed but Anna's horrified to discover Seb's been excluded from school and is now working for Phelan. 

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