Sunday, 1 January 2017

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - New Year's Day

Sunday 1st January
ANNA’S RESCUED BY HER ARCH NEMESIS With the New Year celebrations in full swing, Phelan tells Eileen he’s going to head home as he’s still not feeling well. When Phelan finds Jack wandering the street alone, Jack explains that Anna’s had an accident. Phelan breaks down the door at No.13 and goes to Anna’s aid. Anna regains consciousness but is horrified to find Phelan looming over her. Kevin arrives home and is shocked to find Phelan there - what will his reaction be?
JOHNNY MAKES A LIFE CHANGING DECISION Jenny’s in her element as she swans about Johnny’s flat playing hostess to Johnny’s friends. Eva watches her jealously. Having finally joined the party, Johnny makes an announcement that shocks his guests to the core...
PETER HAS A NEAR MISS Peter admits he is in a relationship but begs Simon not to tell anyone just yet as he needs to wait till the time is right to break the news. Simon’s unimpressed with Peter’s web of lies, will he agree to keep his secret?
ELSEWHERE Whilst watching the fireworks from the Rovers back yard, Mary makes Norris promise that he’ll visit her in South Africa. Unable to face an emotional goodbye, Norris hugs Mary and heads home. As her friends gather round Mary and Jude’s taxi singing ‘We’ll Meet Again’, Mary’s overcome, can Mary really leave Weatherfield for good?
Meanwhile Steph’s furious to find Andy, bags packed, about to do a runner. And having found Shona on the doorstep, Sean helps her into No.11. Shona apologises but explains she had nowhere else to go. Whilst Billy helps Shona to bed, Todd’s perplexed as he makes a shocking discovery.

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Anonymous said...

Corrie for dummies last night! Why did Рeter have to tell Anna, right in front of Рhelan, where he рut the рaрers for the new tow truck. They really should have рut a huge neon flashing arrow sign straight to Kevin's jacket, and then shot to Рhelan twirling his 'рantomime baddie' moustache - it was terrible! the writers are now treating the audience the way they write for Simon - like 5 year olds! Not a haррy bunny here I'm afraid (John H)

Dime said...

I agree. The whole episode was cringe worthy.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't Peter who said where the papers were. It was Kevin!

Anonymous said...

oh yes - sorry it was kevin - I have a bit of flu and it seems to be affecting me

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