Sunday, 1 January 2017

Last chance to enter! Win Afternoon Tea for Two at Annie's

Deadline for entries is today - Sunday January 1st 2017 at 12 noon.

Jennie McAlpine, who plays Fiz in Coronation Street, is co-owner of Annie's resturant in Manchester. Jennie owns the restaurant along with her partner Chris Farr and the restaurant has recently celebrated its fourth birthday!

Annie's is a wonderful place and played host to our blog Christmas party last year. The Fiz Bomb dessert comes highly recommended!  You can read more about Annie's and see some great pictures from inside the restaurant at the Manchester Evening News website.

We are extremely privileged to announce that we have a great competition for Coronation Street fans to win!  One lucky Coronation Street fan can win afternoon tea for two people at Annie's in Manchester any time they like in 2017.

To enter the competition all you have to do is answer the two following questions correctly and email your answer to me at with ANNIES in your email subject line.  One winner will be selected at random from all correct entries and announced here on the Coronation Street Blog.  All fans can enter, whatever their age or location.  Transport to and from Annie's is not included in the prize.

Here are your two questions, good luck!  Answers can be found on the Annie's website.

Q1: In Manchester, Annie's is located just off St. Ann’s Square in which iconic building?
Q2: Which Manchester Tourism Award did Annie's win in 2014?

Follow Annie's on twitter @AnniesMCR and facebook Annie's Manchester

Entries from moneysavingsexpert, Loquax and all other competition entry websites will not be included.

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maggie muggins said...

Looks lovely, and I'm a Fiz /Jennie fan, but I'm curious why it's spelled "Annies" and not "Annie's". Is there a meaning of Annies I'm not aware of? Sorry to be a nerd, but I actually would love to know!

Anonymous said...

I'm getting fed up of Nicks petty jealousies . Bring back the lovely Natasha Blakeman - hairdresser played by Rachel Leskovac . She was last seen leaving in a black cab after an affair with Nick and we never knew whether she actually had Nicks baby . Imagine her coming back with a 5 year old that is Nicks natural child . That would shake up Nick and Leanne and have Gail tearing her hair out !!!

Maricha said...

So would I.
It looks like lovely tea room.

Anonymous said...

I love Natasha...always thought she should come back! But didn't she have an abortion? It was all Mama's Boy Nick's fault...

Anonymous said...

Maggie - it's because it's near st Anne's Square rather than owned by or named after an Annie.

Jan said...

Anonymous, that does not answers Maggie's question. If St. Anne's square has an apostrophe so should Annies.

Jan said...

Sorry that should be St. Ann's Square.

Pat said...

Anonymous 08.03, what has Natasha got to do with it?

coconno196 said...

St Ann's Square still doesn't explain Annies without an apostrophe unless it's called after two women called Annie. Even then, if it's the café belonging to these Annies, it would be Annies'!

Jan said...

Maybe we need Jennie McAlpine to explain the lack of apostrophe, it obviously bugs other people as well as me!

maggie muggins said...

No, no, no, Jan, we should ask Daniel Osbourne, Ken's son. He'll know!