Friday, 3 March 2017

What's Daniel hiding about his mum, Denise Osbourne?

Actor Rob Mallard, who plays Daniel Osbourne in Coronation Street, recently said in an interview "I'd love Denise Black to return to Corrie!"  You can read more on that here.

I'm also a fan of Denise Black and would love to see her back on the cobbles as Daniel's mum and Ken's ex-girlfriend.

But what is Daniel hiding about his mum, do you think?  We know that when Daniel first turned up in Corrie he said that his mum left him many years ago. But we don't know why.

And this week we saw Daniel give Sinead a gift of a blue stone necklace which had once belonged to his mum.

Are Corrie planting little clues about Daniel's mum with a view to her returning? Ooh, I do hope so.  And I hope we find out more about Daniel's past too. For this fan, he's one of the most intriguing and watchable characters that Corrie's had in a long time.

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Chaise Pomme said...

He has secretly murdered her ... He seems to be trying to hide a nasty temper...

Tvor said...

He certainly has mother issues or abandonment rage. But did she leave or did he kill her? They're certainly planting clues and it'll either be a return for his mother or it'll be the worst disappointment for Ken yet, having a son that could have been somebody, banged up for murder!

Maricha said...

Actually Daniel's rage makes me think she abandoned him. If he'd killed her he would feel guilt not anger. Also, though he didn't volunteer the information that she'd deserted him, he didn't do much to conceal it either.
I think that either she's away because she's institutionalized or she left with some fellow once Daniel was grown (which could still be a couple of years ago since he seems to be a bit older than I first thought).

Humpty Dumpty said...

There was some embarrassment on Daniel's face which makes me think that his mother was committed to an institution. If he was still a minor at the time then he might have gone into a care hostel for teenagers. Assuming Denise owned the flat, it would have stayed empty (let's gloss over the details!) with Daniel returning as soon as he was old enough to leave care. This set-up might explain how he could afford to live as the authorities would have sorted his finances out. Denise would be in the community by now, perhaps not fully recovered and Daniel unwilling to visit her, or off somewhere with a partner. The storyline doesn't quite add up yet because if he now has a student loan, a parent/carer has to fill in the paperwork. I'm guessing that the writers haven't decided the outcome themselves.

Maricha said...

I don't know how it is in England but if Denise was put in an institution couldn't Daniel have gotten emancipated so that he didn't need a parent to fill out any paperwork?
It isn't frequent here in Canada but a responsible 16 year old could be emancipated rather than go in care and then he could ask to be named trustee or co-trustee of her estate until she got better. This would explain Daniel seeming to have been on his own but being so vague about how he managed.
If Denise felt a serious illness or mental disorder coming on she might have settled all this herself before going away in order to avoid involving Ken.
You're right about this storyline not adding up yet, it gets curiouser and curiouser.