Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Pics: Coronation Street in tatters as bulldozers move in

More heartbreaking pictures, I'm afraid, of the old Coronation Street set as the bulldozers have moved in and knocked it to bits. 

A demolition crew has started to tear down decades of TV history - says ITV

Demolition vehicles and skips can be seen surrounding Roy’s Rolls, the Prima Doner kebab shop and Elliott and Son butchers.

Flats, offices and three hotels are set to be built on the site off Quay Street in Manchester as part of the new St John’s Quarter development after the 13-acre plot was sold by ITV in 2013. 

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TLC said...

Imagine being a die-hard Corrie fan, but yet it's your job to tear down the old set! :(
It's kind of sad to see those pics. I'm from Canada, and I visited the set back in 1997. It was such a thrill for me.

Lancshow said...

It isn't a shame and it was popular the tour right until the end! I was glad to visit when the last live episode when Callum was killed and it aired from the new street and we watched it from the old street then had the tour after the live episode! It was a once in a life time opportunity and I am proud to have been there at the time. Very sad an eeiree to see the street being demolished!

Maricha said...

It's a pity but since they weren't filming there, the site was bound to start falling apart sooner or later. At least there's the new set. Plus perhaps they'll sell bits of the old set so some die-hard fans can have souvenirs.

Newfy Pearl said...

Too bad they did not sell of little relics for some Charity. I am sure a lot of people would have paid for the simplest of things. An auction would have been such a cool thing!

M.R. Willow said...

Gosh, very sad sight! I'm surprised some of the fa├žades couldn’t have been offered up for sale. They would have made great material for some backyard sheds! I bet Snopp Dog (a huge fan) would have scooped up a few.

Thiago said...

I actually had an idea that would have been expensive but I bet it would have sold out.

Demolish the old set (as they are doing), then rebuild it totally as Coronation St, but make them proper houses, obviously all mod cons inside, but outside it would "Corrie". Even a proper pub. Just imagine the cachet of actually living there.

The only authentic but real set in history.

I reckon there would have been people who would have paid upwards of £500,000 to live there.

Alas, it's all too late.

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