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Coronation Street Weds 8th March episode review

Hiya! It's just Jordan with this week's Wednesday review. Or more of a Wednesday whinge if I'm completely honest.

I've put off writing this review all day.   I've watched Wednesday's episode around three times now and it is only now I am trying to cobble something together. I think it was Jennifer Saunders who said when you don't know what to write, just start writing anyway and something will happen, unlike in last night's episode of Coronation Street.

The first visit of the episode is owed to Daniel and Sinead over at the flat, who have just been given £100 from Adam. More on where that money came from later, but I'm sure you know already. As we know, Sinead has fallen victim to a very contrived accidental pregnancy (although I have never been sure how a pregnancy can be "accidental") with new boyfriend Daniel. She has joined the long list of women living on Ovulation Street who appear to be oblivious to the idea of contraception, The pair are now deciding what the best course of action would be. Daniel tries to persuade Sinead to take the day off work, but she won't hear of it; after all, her knicker stitching is their only form of income, other than Daniel's student loans. This leaves Daniel feeling compelled to get a job and this being Industrialisation Street, he walks right into one over at the Bistro, after somehow charming Robert with his face.

Still unsure about a decision, Sinead turns to her Aunty Beth for some motherly advice. Beth gives her some rather stock advice to do what she feels is right, but it seems to work. Her decision is cemented later when she calls at Daniel's sudden workplace for yet another chat. We've had Industrialisation Street and Ovulation Street in this review so far. What can I get in next? Oh yes - Revelation Street.  Daniel tells Sinead that his mother abandoned him as a kid and he brought himself up. Sinead is stunned but it is this revelation which makes her realise Daniel's past could be a good foundation for their future as a family. I'm not sure I entirely believe Daniel. I think there are deeper secrets to emerge yet, which will no doubt spell trouble for this thrown-together soap couple. If you ask me, Sinead is in trouble deep, but she's made up her mind. She's keeping her baby.  Oh, Sinead. Nothing compares to you.
"I believe we can do it, properly. Get it right"
"Yeah I think maybe we can!"
Adam is on the warpath after discovering the bag containing his drug-dealing money has gone missing. Initially blaming Daniel, he soon learns that Ken has taken it. After Adam had selfishly borrowed Ken's car and left the keys at his flat, Ken went to look for them. Upon finding them, he also found the money earned by selling drugs and then things began to unravel. Adam storms round to number 1 and a typical Barlow altercation ensures. Adam is forced to reveal the source of the money to his granddad when an increasingly suspicious Ken threatens to call the police. Adam later goes into the backyard to find Ken, filled with rage, throwing every last note onto a bonfire.

Elsewhere, Tim attempts to cover for Peter when that rich tart Chloe phones the cab office. He tells her that Peter is unavailable today, but that appears to be the opposite of what Peter wants. Peter later calls Chloe and is soon at her house fiddling with her plugs. He emerges from the back of the television having fixed the simple problem and then offers to do even more odd jobs, even ignoring a phonecall from Toyah.  What do these two want with each other? Oh, and Our Pal Sal did some more crusading on the unwilling behalf of Dozy Rosie after her words were twisted by a journalist during the protest for women's rights. the As well as all this, Cathy has a hangover thanks to the Gemma's influence and Liz showed potential buyers round the pub, having decided that she will sell her share of the pub along with Steve's, as a result of his impending divorce from Michelle.

"That's our Betty. She worked here for years.
She were a barmaid til she were in her nineties"

Apart from that lovely moment where Betty was mentioned, I didn't particularly enjoy this episode. It just didn't hold my attention.

Anyway, until next week!

As always, thanks for reading!


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M.R. Willow said...

Thanks for your even-handed, yet honest Wednesday review, Jordan. I had many moments in this ep. where I literally cringed. I have a high tolerance for soapiness in Corrie, but my, my. I kept checking to see if this wasn't 'enders, especially in the Adam scenes. He is Nothing like Mike Baldwin! Poor Bill Roache can't be enjoying keeping up with all this mean energy.

And the contrast between Sinead's last place of abode and her slot at Daniel and Adam's flat could not be more stark. It's a leap too far. Two blokes with little money can make for stark decor and little warmth, but could that place be more bleak? Again, looks too much like 'enders. Horrid feelings coming off the screen.

Betty must be spinning in her grave.

abbyk said...

The only sparkle for me was Amy, who after bullying a ride to the cemetery from Adam on Monday, gave Ken an earful for yelling at him. Of course she doesn't understand where Ken is coming from, she doesn't know the whole story, but she made a great point about being ignored.

dulyquoted said...

"She has joined the long list of women living on Ovulation Street who appear to be oblivious to the idea of contraception,"

Since when is it solely the woman's responsibility to think about contraception? Surely the corner store sells condoms...

Maricha said...

If you really want/need to avoid getting pregnant condoms are nowhere near as effective as the pill or some long-term contraceptives. The most fail safe methods all depend on the woman using them. That's not fair but it's true.

Derelict Cucumberpatch said...

Wait, what? Was Sinead not on the pill when she was with Chesney? And I think it is the woman's responsibility to protect her own body from an unwanted pregnancy, I wouldn't want to leave something that important up to a man!

Louby said...

I've got this sinking feeling that Daniel's going to be waiting tables for a living before long. It was a welcome change for a character, apart from Ken, to be intellectual and value education.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I'm watching Corrie less and less so won't comment on specifics of last night. It makes me wonder whether comments on this blog will go down when we have six episodes a weeks. People have lives so I'm pretty sure they won't be watching three hours of Corrie, as scheduled or on catch-up. I'd be hesitant to query something which might have been explained in an episode I missed.

Maricha said...

Whatever Sinead was using when living with Chesney she obviously didn't use when with Daniel.
It makes Sinead and Daniel both look like idiots that they didn't give contraception any thought at their age.

Newfy Pearl said...

I liked the scene where Amy told Ken to lay off Adam and revealed that he had taken her to Nana Deirdre's grave. Alas, it did not soften Grandad Ken. I was shocked when he rifled through Adam's room, including his closet, and left with a bag of money. Then to top it off.....instead of realizing that this could mean big trouble for Adam - he burns it! OMG Over the top Ken Barlow. Firstly, if Adam were all bad he would not have taken Amy anywhere...she was pushy but he is a grown man, he could have left her on the curb. Secondly, he is trying to give back what remains of the money because Amy and Tracy have been subtly threatened. Poor Adam. Ken hates him because he is more like Mike Baldwin than himself. I am loving Peter in this respect...he points out to Ken that they too were headstrong when they were young men. This too is lost on the Senior Barlow. Ugh.

Newfy Pearl said...

Also.....Adam has more control over his emotions than 'punch the wall' Daniel. Can you imagine his reaction if Ken burned his $30,000!!!!!

Maricha said...

The funny thing about Corrie is that they write great material for children so I'm not surprised that Amy is interesting and well-rounded.
Unfortunately, the show drops the ball once the kids grow up or Sophie and Chesney would have had great storylines.

Happy Mask said...

People saying "fail safe methods depend on the woman using them" and "women need to protect their own bodies" are completely missing the point. If niether the man nor the woman want an unwanted pregnancy then both parties are equally responsible of making sure that when "the deed" is done, they know it is safe - what type of contraception is used is irrelevant.

Here's another way of putting it: Daniel didn't want a baby with Sinead but Sinead didn't force him to sleep with her, therefore he was irresponsible letting the pregnancy happen just as much as she was. Daniel was responsibile for making sure it was safe whether that meant going out and buying a condom or double-checking Sinead was on the pill. Sinead's responsibility is equal; she didn't buy a condom or take a morning-after pill so she is as much to blame.

The point that dulyquoted made (which I completely agree with) was that people can often entirely blame the woman for these situations, but it takes two people to make a baby. It is never solely the woman's responsibility if both parties consent and don't want a baby.

Roni said...

Sinead and Daniel were taking precautions; they spoke of it when Daniel confronted her with the pee stick. It was a quick word on it therefore many viewers would have missed it.
Sinead was under a lot of stress and the pill is not 100% guarantee against pregnancy. She could have missed a few as she had not realized that it was actually a week later than it was. On March 3rd, she thought it was the 24th of February.
This DOES happen in real life.
I agree with Newfy Pearl, Ken is OTT and I'm getting sick of his self righteousness. Where was he when both Adam and Daniel needed him as children? He now wants to provide a strong parental presence? A little too late Mr. Not so perfect hiself. He didn't step up when it was most needed, now he needs to shut up and sit down.
Amy was absolutely amazing and the scene in the Rovers with Tracy and Liz was perfect.I really liked this episode and it was ideal for a Wednesday.

Tvor said...

How did Ken get into the flat in the first place? Did Daniel let him in? Otherwise, he must have broken in or had Dev let him in which he should not do. I really am surprised at Ken invading Adam's privacy like that. It's very much out of character. Also surprised, considering the shouting and upset and stress Ken has exhibited that he hasn't had another stroke.

Maricha said...

Ken had no business snooping through the flat or demanding that Adam tell him where the money came from in the first place. We, the viewers, may be aware that Adam isn't acting like one but, he is a lawyer and they frequently have to hold on to clients' money without necessarily being interested in involving the police or having the right to discuss it with their father.
If you don't want anyone borrowing your car without permission just keep your keys where no one can take them.Simpler than getting in arguments.

Maricha said...

I think the writers want to rewrite history: Sinead and Daniel's first hookup at the factory was spur of the moment so how and when would they have had a chance to discuss taking precautions before it happened? Once she moved in, sure, they could have discussed this off screen but not before.

dulyquoted said...

Precautions aren't only for avoiding pregnancy. Especially with a new partner, condoms are essential to avoiding STDs. Daniel might say he was a virgin, but how would Sinead know he was telling the truth? In general, I think the storyline presents the wrong message. With a new, unknown partner, condoms are just common sense, at least until both parties have been able to get tested. (More work for Rana -)

Maricha said...

I agree. Corrie just dropped the ball on the whole issue here: they took what seemed like their two most sensible young adults and had them acting like children instead of using the opportunity to show what responsible adults would say and do when deciding to get involved.
The writers were just as neglectful with Rana and Zeedan: why wouldn't they have discussed wanting or not wanting kids right away when they were engaged?

Rapunzel said...

Yes except as Robin Williams once said, "God gave man a brain and [an appendage] - but only enough blood to run one at a time".

If human beings were always that sensible even whilst embroiled in passion, we probably would have died out as a species some time ago

TLC said...

Wow, so many comments on this article and all to do with contraception. :D
The storyline has been decided for Sinead to get pregnant. A fast, deliberate and typical turn in a Soap storyline.
She couldn't be pregnant if they didn't have unprotected (or failed protection) sex.

Maricha said...

That's the thing, I don't mind characters getting pregnant ( though it's a very well-worn cliché and writers could try harder to create stories). We all know contraception can fail. What I mind is when smart characters get in this predicament by acting as if they had no idea it could happen. It's lazy and a bit weird considering that the show is presently spending weeks warning girls of the very unlikely possibility that they'll become sex slaves but can't be bothered to discuss something as useful as contraception.

Cobblestone said...

In fairness, Roni, Ken didn't know Adam even existed until he was about 11, as Susan had kept him a secret in Scotlsnd, having pretended to have had a termination. When he did discover he had a grandson, he immediately took him in (following Susan's death). Peter, however, was in on Susan's secret. That said, I do agree with your comments about Ken's self-righteousness.

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