Thursday, 9 March 2017

Another Webster family member returning to Coronation Street?

The Sun reports today, with paparazzi pictures taken of filming on location, that there's going to be a Webster family reunion.

It's a bit of an odd story - and you can read it here if you wish

Basically, The Sun reports that "an aunty" of Rosie and Sophie Webster is returning to Coronation Street, but they don't say who it is, or even how they know it's an aunt.

The paparazzi pictures show Helen Flanagan and Brooke Vincent, who play Rosie and Sophie, filming on location.  The words that go with the pics in the tabloid say that the Webster women "will be seen hunting for a long-lost aunt in an upcoming episode of the ITV soap".

An aunt, they say? If the report is true, which one could it be?
Well, Sally’s got a younger sister Gina Seddon. Gina hasn’t been seen on the street since 1989 when she left and married a long-distance lorry driver. 

In March of last year, actress Sally Dynevor, who plays Sally Webster, said that she'd love to see Sally's sister back on the cobbles. Read more on that here.  It's something we said back in 2014 too - bring back Sally's sister to Coronation Street!
Kevin’s also got a younger sister Debbie Webster. Debbie was originally played by actress Sue Devaney. She hasn’t been seen on the street since 1985.  We once made the case to bring back Debbie Webster to Coronation Street and you can read it here.

I wonder what's going on? And if this is true, what would bring either Sally or Kev's sister back to the Street?

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Derelict Cucumberpatch said...

Kev's sister definitely! People have been saying for years Debbie should come back!

Scott Willison said...

More Sue Devaney on our telly is always a good thing! Although, since it's over 30 years since she last appeared, they could very easily recast and no-one would notice. (Same for Gina).

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