Thursday, 2 March 2017

14 Reasons Why Coronation Street Is Nothing Like Manchester

David Jack Taylor is the founder and editor of the Thinking Thrifty blog. An award winning personal finance and lifestyle blogger, he shows how it is possible to live extremely well for less.

He's blogged today about the 14 Reasons Why Coronation Street Is Nothing Like Manchester.

David says: "I love Manchester and I love Mancunians, yet although I was freed from being subjected to the drivel known as Coronation Street when my old flatmate moved out, it still irks me that it is in some way supposed to represent life in Manchester.

"Bearing this in mind, I have put together a quick guide for those who live outside of our glorious borders to give you an indication of where they are going wrong".

It's a fun read and you can view it all here.

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Thinking Thrifty said...

Thanks for including me on your site. I hope it hasn't upset any of the die hard Corrie fans out there!

Newfy Pearl said...

I was not pleased with the comments to be honest. I have watched Corrie for years and I do not feel I have been 'subjected to' anything. I love Corrie...but I know it is make-believe. I do not use it as a guide for the area of Manchester. I think this person, intentionally or not, has insulted Coronation Street, the actors, the writers, and the fans. But this is just my humble opinion.

popcorn said...

I thought the article was fun, though not always accurate. Roy's café has run out of eclairs and the Rovers has run out of hotpot. I guess that is what happens when you quit watching the Street, either voluntarily or involuntarily. Most of those comments were on the money. The one I agree with most was querying how the residents could afford to eat and drink out almost every single day. Who goes out for breakfast other than on the occasional Sunday brunch???

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