Monday, 9 January 2017

Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters

Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters…so goes The Beverley Sisters song.

And the sisters in question are Eva, Leanne and newly arrived Toyah. Just to clear up who is related to who, Leanne and Eva are half-sisters, both have the same mother, the former landlady of The Rovers Return, none other than Stella Price. They weren’t aware of each other for a long time and once they were informed that they were half-sisters, initially they were quite hostile towards each other – understandably so, though perhaps, Eva was the more hostile of the two, having to share her mum’s affections with someone else now. Since their early difficulties though, Eva and Leanne have been great together and sharing a place has cemented that relationship. Eva is a very good aunt to Simon and genuinely cares for him. Finding him crying in the ginnel, in last week’s episode, Eva asked what was wrong and it was revealed that Simon had seen Peter and Toyah together. Eva’s expression of disbelief was legendary.

Toyah and Leanne are not related by blood ties – Toyah’s mum is Janice Battersby and Leanne’s  Dad is Les Battersby, so the girls, Toyah and Leanne, do not have a parent in common, so are stepsisters. It is my view that not having a blood connection with someone does not mean that you love them any the less than if you did have blood ties. As evidence, it is apparent how much Leanne and Toyah mean to each other.

Clearly Eva feels threatened by Toyah, maybe fearing that her close relationship with Leanne will be diluted or at least affected adversely by Toyah’s arrival.

Finding cigarettes in her flat, Leanne instantly accuses Simon. The cigarettes were Peter’s, but Toyah couldn’t (wouldn’t) admit that, because Leanne would be confused as to why Peter was at the flat, then it would be revealed that they were having a relationship, which might upset and stress the expectant Leanne.

In fairness to Toyah, she did claim that the cigarettes were hers. Leanne is no fool though and saw through her lie. Thus, poor Simon had to have a real rollicking from his mum about how shocked she was that he had taken up smoking. He also had to withstand a lecture on the dangers of smoking and hear how much she had been shaken up by discovering he was smoking. Punishment – confiscation of the drone and grounded. Simon felt the injustice severely

But now, matters are teetering on the brink. The baby shower brought out the animosity between Toyah and Eva. Harsh words are exchanged. Eva warns Toyah, ‘Watch yourself – I don’t like you and I don’t like what you do.’ She adds, ‘Getting it on with your sister’s ex, lying about the cigarettes.’ All delivered with terrific venom. 

There’s so much potential here in the relationships between Toyah, Leanne and Eva and it will make for some terrific forthcoming viewing.

Ruth Owen, twitter: @Ruth1722

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Humpty Dumpty said...

All three actresses are very good and we've never had a trio of sisters on Corrie before. There's often a 'but' and I've seen two so far. The cigarettes: the lie was based on Leanne not wanting Peter at the flat but it would have been quite easy for Toyah to say that Peter came round and she sent him packing. He dropped his cigarettes on the way out. Also, as I've said before, he's probably smoked the same brand for years. Surely he'd be the first person Leanne would think of. The other 'but' was tonight. I don't believe Eva would follow through her threat to tell Leanne. She will soon learn that Michelle has had a baby scare and wouldn't want to risk Leanne coming to any harm. Peter should then call Eva's bluff. He won't, though, will he?

Anonymous said...

He probably won't, but on the other hand I still have a hard time believing that both Peter & Adam have a valid claim on the ownership of Underworld. Surely all the transactions for the sale & purchase of the factory would have been done by a lawyer and would have clearly stated the terms and conditions - no "wiggle" room. So why now??? Makes no sense.

Rapunzel said...

I like the way that the theme of non-blood parenting has been carried through to the next generation first, with Leanne being a mother to Simon and secondly, Nick intending to raise Leanne's baby as his own.

Anonymous said...

I was really looking forward to Toyah's return. But not liking her this time round, really disappointed in her. She can leave as soon as she likes.

Christine K said...

Sorry but why is Toyah and Peter's relationship so forbidden? It's not like he was with Leanne at the time. Toyah knows Peter's past and if she wants to go down that road then fine. I can understand Leanne being upset Toyah left her husband for him but Leanne isn't in the situation to judge anyone with the things she's done. What is the big deal? And keeping stress-free on that street is impossible, it's one big stress-fest.

Maricha said...

It just seems to be a silly plot device invented so that it wouldn't look so ridiculous for Nick to be jealous of Peter.
Leanne and Peter were done ages ago and he married Carla and had an affair with Tina since. It's not like there was any recent back and forth between them.

Abercrombie said...

I agree with Maricha's comments - I find the Peter/Toyah secrecy beyond ridiculous. So contrived. What goes on in the minds of those creating the scripts?

donna harris said...

The relationship between Peter and Toyah doesn't sit well with me. As if Toyah would have a relationship with Peter after all Leeanne has gone through with him...she'd run a mile. There had to be a better way for her to return to the street. I'd like to know what changed her. She was always (maybe not when the family first arrived) the one with promise, morals, etc. I was especially surprised at the type of shower she threw for Michelle and Lee...seemed really out of character. The only part of her character that remained true to herself was that she' a "veg".
The writing has gotten a little lazy lately and I've been disappointed with the lack of attention to detail and common sense.
The Americanization of the Street has to stop. Does everyday have to have heartpounding scenes....what happened to representing everyday life. Life in the fast lane

Shells said...

The big deal is you don't sleep with your sister's ex, your nephew's dad. It's disrespectful and it's way too close and complicated. It's common sense.

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