Wednesday, 4 January 2017

First pics: Helen Flanagan filming at Coronation Street

Paparazzi pictures are online today showing Helen Flanagan filming as Rosie Webster. Helen returned to the show before Christmas but there are pictures of her filming today with Brian Packham and Sophie Webster. 

The Manchester Evening News have a gallery of pictures, from which the image above is taken with full credit to the photographer and the MEN.

The pictures appear to show Rosie and Sophie helping Brian at an allotment but Rosie shirks her way out of the work by flirting with Brian instead.

Rosie's return storyline has already been rumoured and suggests she gets involved with smuggling drugs from Miami - read more on that here.
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Anonymous said...

For the love of God can we please not have Rosie hook up with another middle-aged man! What is she playing at? Gross. Is that the reason they brought her back!

Anonymous said...

Oh look, there's Rosie Webster... going after a teacher.. that's never been done before. Good thing they brought her back for this important story line.

Anonymous said...

I assume that Rosie is only playing with Brian. No way would a young attractive woman fancy him. ( Or any woman come to that)

Anonymous said...

Dear anon 08:15 you obviously haven't been watching Corrie st for very long - did you see the John Stape fiasco????

Anonymous said...

Can I have the exact dates of when Dozie is coming back because I'd like to make sure I'm otherwise engaged and miss it. Thanks.

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