Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Eva v Toyah in Coronation Street blackmail feud

There's a great interview with Catherine Tyldesley, who plays Eva Price in Coronation Street, in this week's Inside Soap magazine. And at the risk of sounding like Hello! Magazine, Cath looks stunning in a gold frock in the picture that goes along with the magazine interview.

Anyway, Cath talks about her upcoming storyline in Corrie in which Eva and Toyah go head to head.  It starts when Eva finds out that Peter and Toyah are an item and the couple ask her to keep quiet about it, especially to Leanne.

"Eva knows how much in love Leanne was with Peter, so to Eva, Toyah has broken the girl code," Catherine explains. "However, Toyah makes the point that Leanne shouldn't be put under stress so Eva decides - for the sake of the baby and Leanne's health - she shouldn't tell her."

Armed with the knowledge about Peter and Toyah's relationship though, Eva uses it against Peter. She tells him she'll keep quiet as long as he stops going after Aidan for his share of Underworld. Toyah means more to Peter than the knicker factory as Peter says he'll give in to Eva's demands.

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ritaduck said...

oh not aother black mail plot!!! its a tale of Northen folk !!! NOT people who where born yesterday !!!

ritaduck said...

no comment ,its unbelievable

Anonymous said...

But you did comment though!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So this is why Toyah returned,for another affair and blackmail storyline?
What a shame!

njblas said...

Can we please find a new shot of Cath Tyldesley? That PR photo was taken when she first started filming Corrie, and she has never, ever worn her hair like that on screen. I cringe every time I see it (which is often). Considering how much the press love her, there must be a million more recent photos floating around which could be used instead...thanks!

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