Sunday, 8 January 2017

Corrie Weekly Awards for Jan 2 - 6

And the Gold Star of the Week goes to Malcom Hebden. I may not like Norris but the actor portraying him knocked it out of the park on New Year's Day.

Timing Isn't Everything award: Would you really be signed out and released from the hospital around midnight on New Year's Eve? Why not a bit earlier or the next morning?

Contrivation Street: Kevin had to be out rescuing Johnny so Phelan could rescue Anna. Kevin mentioned the new tow truck and the paperwork within arms' reach where Phelan could overhear.

Old Habits Die Hard award: Brian grilling Simon on why he's not in school. (Bank holiday) Shona paid Billy for his kindness and help by stealing from the resource centre woman!

Secrets and Lies: We found out Daniel's secret. I think Adam has one too. Why is a solicitor's bank card being declined?

"That's you told, Ladeh" award: When you've been told off by Rita, you really know you've been told off!

Deja Vu award: Maria slept with Toyah's boyfriend years ago so Toyah badmouthed her to Eva. Little does Eva know that Maria's been sleeping with *her* boyfriend.

Spiteful award: Jenny made the wrong conclusion and thought Aidan's affair was with Alya and she told Eva. I don't fault her for telling Eva but she was going on assumptions with no proof and she told her out of spite towards Aidan.

Lines of the week:
Todd to Billy "Rebel without a closet?"
Rita to Johnny "Happiness can be a very slippery fish" (that, it can)
Jenny about Rita "I think I'm nicer to her than most daughters are to their mums" (maybe *now* you are but you haven't been in the past!)
Brian to Simon "Why aren't you in school?" (none of your damn business. You aren't the school head anymore)
Sally "You don't scare me, Bradley"
Eva "We've established that your hair hasn't always been that long but have you always been a bitch?" (she's had her moments)
Adam to Daniel "My present's in the post. It's a card" (you live together. Why post it?)
Gemma "He was fit as...anything. I wish I could remember his name!"
Gemma "I was playing Putrid" Rita "Cupid" (HA!)

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Aussie Pete said...

I must be having a brain fizzle, but what was Daniel's secret we found out?

Gemma's 'Putrid' line had me in stitches!

Anonymous said...

That his mum left him when he was 14/15 & he hasn't seen or heard from her since. He went to the police station to belatedly report her missing with Peter. He had previously told his family that he had regular contact with her and she paid regular amounts of money into his bank account

Anonymous said...

Oh, is that all? I thought the same as Aussie Pete, that I had blinked and missed something. Surely all that about Daniel and his mum came out way before Christmas, long before January 2 - 6 anyway? Disappointed that his secret wasn't something much more exciting.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't actually say the secret was revealed last week, just that Daniel's secret is out there. I think you'd have remembered if the secret was more exciting anyway

Anonymous said...

A lot of this info is from Christmas week, not last week - it's sort of joined together as a festive installment :)

Llifon said...

I think what Tvor means, after reading it again, is that we found out Daniel's secret so we're bound to find Adam's secret as well.

Tvor said...

Yes that's what I meant. Daniel had a secret. I think Adam has one too

Pat said...

I liked the scene between Rana and Zeedan when she told him the truth about not wanting to start a family yet. No shouting or hysteria just a calm understanding and a show of affection. How refreshing!

Kate said...

Am I the only one who finds Jenny very inconsistent? Sometimes she seems 'reformed' and other times she seems like the devious Jenny we met when she initially came back.

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