Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Simon does a runner in Coronation Street

When he was a little lad, Simon Barlow once found his way home to Weatherfield from Blackpool, all on his own. When Ken asked him how he got home, Simon replied: 'On two trains and a bendy bus!'
Well, it looks like he's got more buses and trains on his mind next week in Coronation Street as Inside Soap magazine reveal that Simon will do another runner and go missing.

Simon finds himself caught in between mum Leanne and her warring step? half? sisters Leanne and Eva. He warns them to stop texting Leanne and to leave her alone as all the stress is causing her grief.  Meanwhile, Toyah tells Nick that Peter should be allowed to spend more time with Simon.

When Peter and Simon do spend time together, Simon tells his dad that he's missing out on a party at the Trafford Centre to Peter and Toyah agree to let Simon attend.  However, they can't get hold of him later and wonder where he's gone.  When Leanne finds out that Simon has vanished she's furious with Peter and Toyah for being so irresponsible.

Where's Simon gone? To find a bendy bus, I wonder?

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C in Canada said...

If Simon's so worried about stressing Leanne out that he tells off his aunts, then why would he stress her out more by running away?

Maricha said...

Perhaps he's gone shopping for some baby things in hopes of cheering Leanne up.
Since he made up an excuse for Peter and Toyah it may not have occurred to Simon that they'd look for him and Leanne would hear about his absence.

Anonymous said...

How many times? Get lost already!

Anonymous said...

Where's Simon gone? I was going to say, "to Hell" but figured that was too much, considering we're talking about a "child". However, I'd be thrilled if this tedious character would keep running well into the ocean!

Anonymous said...

Run Simon, run! and keep running...please keep running.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how old Simon is supposed to be? Why on earth does he constantly need looking after? The adults in his life continually baby him.
High time the writers let this kid grow up.

Anonymous said...

Simon Barlow is 14 I believe. Do you hear that? FOURTEEN!! I was working when I was 14 (Saturdays & school holidays). He certainly doesn't need babying any more. His voice appears to have broken and he's getting facial hair. Maybe the other characters can't see that.

Anonymous said...

Next thing you know, he will be getting some girl pregnant.

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