Friday, 17 February 2017

Pic: What's being built on the Coronation Street set?

With thanks to our friends at Conversation Street for alerting us to this, and also to Digital Spy soaps forum user PyramidBread for the picture.  If you click on the pic you'll see a much larger version and you can zoom in.

As you can see from the area circled in red on the picture above, there's work going on in the Coronation Street set.  We already know that the set is going to be extended, expanded as preparations continue for the 6th episode each week this autumn.

Digital Spy soaps forum users are saying that the area covered with scaffold and tarpaulin in the red-ringed area is what used to be the Brewery on Coronation Street. 

Any ideas, guesses or hopes as to what they might be doing there?

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Chewy said...

I noticed the same thread on DS says that Kieran Roberts mentioned something about a police station, though I dont think that would fit in there properly, plus there looks to be banners up on the scaffold, which makes it look commercial, maybe Freschos? o:

Maricha said...

Here's hoping some of it will be housing. It's ridiculous that all these gainfully employed people keep pestering those with homes and flats to rent their rooms.

Aussie Pete said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aussie Pete said...

The area covered is a part of the Brewery and is directly opposite Street Cars.

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