Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Video: Kym Marsh 'proud' of Coronation Street stillbirth story

Kym Marsh, who plays Michelle McDonald in Coronation Street, was interviewed on Good Morning Britain this morning.

She talked about her Corrie character's storyline echoing her own personal heartache - she lost her son Archie in 2009 when he was born 18 weeks .

Kym said: "My reasons.behind agreeing to ahead with it were in the hopes that it might help somebody somewhere, that someone could relate to it and it might spark people to talk."

She added she was 'proud' of the show for handling the subject so thoroughly and sensitively and explained why she's campaigning for the law to change so that stillborn babies born before 24 weeks get a birth certificate.

You can watch the video interview here. Warning: contains scenes of Piers Morgan.

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Vicky R said...

I have just watched this here in Australia and let me say it was so well done. It isn't often that Coronation Street has me in tears.

Kyle Davidson said...

Think that's really good doing that onset after having real heartache on the matter. I went through the same heartache in October 2015. Am doing fundraising for Sands on kyle Davidson Doing Not Dry January but Dry 2017 No Alcohol at all

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