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Monday 27 February 2017

Coronation Street spoiler pics: Michelle and Eva's catfight

Poor Eva Price finds herself on the receiving end of Michelle Connor’s wrath tonight (Monday) in Coronation Street.

Following Friday night’s shock revelation that Steve McDonald is the father of Leanne’s baby Michelle has come out fighting - literally.

After punching Leanne, and giving her a bloody nose in the bistro kitchen, Michelle turns her attentions to Leanne’s sister Eva when the pair argue over Michelle locking Steve and Liz out of the Rovers.

Determined to ruin Steve, Michelle holds a lock in and dishes out free drinks to the punters. When Eva tries to stop her she sees red and tells her to leave but when Eva refuses a fight breaks out and Michelle drags a screaming Eva out of the pub by her hair!

The catfight is the latest dramatic development in the storyline which looks set to continue for weeks to come as Steve and Michelle play out their very messy break up in public.

Cath Tyldesley said: “It was brilliant, I have wanted Eva to have a scrap for ages. I think Eva would do quite well in a proper fight as she is feisty but she is taken a bit by surprise by Michelle. When I told my husband Tom that I had a cat fight coming up with Kym Marsh his words were ‘Salford vs Wigan! This will be a god ep!"

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Cobblestone said...

I really hope we'll see a follow-up in which Eva takes Michelle to court for assault. Current British law does prohibit employers dragging employees off the premises by the hair. I don't care what extenuating circumstances there are, the Michelle we're seeing emerging idol practically feral, and it's an ugly sight.

Sophie Bird said...

The pub is in Liz's name. Michelle doesn't have any rights to it.

Louby said...

Doesn't Steve own half but Liz is licencee due to his criminal record preventing him being it? In any case he does own half of Streetcars.

I didn't much like seeing Leanne getting punched, a bit too extreme for me.

Unknown said...

Liz owns the other half doesn't she, that was the reason she came back from Spain because Steve didn't have enough to buy the pub outright and needed her help to buy it.
As far as I remember Michelle initially didn't want anything to do with the pub.

Chewy said...

Hmm, Michelle seems to be assulting a lot of people on the street at the moment, I can understand her lashing out at Steve (though throwing glasses at him could have done some serious harm). It's not the first time Michelle has lashed out with violence either, as she has in the past punched Steve.

Tvor said...

Liz put up half the money but it's MIchelle and Steve's Names over the door. Steve's criminal conviction was long enough ago that he's allowed to get the license this time around.

No matter what and when Eva did or didn't know about the baby, it's not on for Michelle to be violent towards her. I fully expect MIchelle to get away with this dispicable behaviour but she shouldn't be allowed to. I can understand that she's absolutely furious, enraged and very, very hurt but Steve is the one that's done this to her, not Eva.

Sophie Bird said...

I've seen enough of Michelle now. I'd be quite happy for her to book a one-way ticket to Ireland (and to take Maria with her!)

Newfy Pearl said...

I think that Michelle lashed out at Eva, not because she is Leanne's sister....but she did not go along with Michelle and actually stood up to her and disrespected her. I was surprised that Eva did not have more compassion. It will be quite the wake up call when she finds out she if babysitting the child of her boyfriend's bit on the side.
In the end it is just a show....and while I do not plan on dragging anyone around by the hair of the head....I enjoyed Michelle putting mouthy little Eva in her place.


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