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Sunday 19 February 2017

Corrie Weekly Awards for Feb. 13 - 17

Curb Crawler emerges: Oh look, he's finally come out of his car!

Romantic Fail: Luke planning a romantic getaway to Bristol in hopes of tracking Andy down went over about as well as you might expect.

Priorities award: Rosie doesn't want to go to prison because of the food. Not a drop of coconut oil in sight!

Musical Ambiance: Roxy Music's More than This when Mary was talking to that guy about first impressions vs getting to know people slowly.

Continuity Fail: Ken is not Adam's dad. I think Todd would have known that, wouldn't he? (see line of the week below **)

Redundant award: Nick and Leanne's last wedding, or the attempted one, was at Christmas a few years ago. I suppose they could reuse the invitations and just change the year.

Heroin Chic award: Is Mel on drugs? Is that how Nathan is keeping her in line and able to get her to help manipulate Bethany?

Lines of the Week:
Ken about a semi naked Sinead "Some essay!"
Sean "It's pneumonia, it starts with a P" Kirk "Is that how you know you've got it?" (HA!
Totally didn't see that one coming!)
Luke on the trip to Bristol "I wanted to kill two birds with one stone" (such a romantic. not.)
Mary "He is what my mother used to call a wazzock!" (hilarious scene, that!)
Rosie on Adam "He's just what I need after that double crossing cheat in Miami" (yep, a double crossing cheat in Weatherfield. Just the thing.)
**Billy about Adam "What's he doing here?" Todd "Looking for his dad" (then he should go to the local cemetery. Mike Baldwin's dead. Presuming Todd meant Ken, then Ken is his GrandDAD. Continuity FAIL!)
Sinead about Daniel "You'd think he never had a mother!" (open mouth, insert foot. Has he not told her?)
Ken "It makes me feel like quite a snob. Am I?" (Surely you'd have figured it out by now. Yes. Yes, you are)
Sarah "In this house, you're considered flash if you have cereal in a bowl!"
Phelan "I've been accused of a lot of things but playing Cupid is not one of them"
Todd "You're selling cocaine. It's hardly Dragon's Den!"
Toyah about Adam "He'll never find anyone to love him quite as much as he loves himself" (she's right)
Steve "Whatever happens, or *has happened*, you're the love of me life" (pre-emptive strike, anyone?)

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Louby said...

There's a lot of fuss been made about that single word being wrong! Would Todd really have been that clued up on the Barlow family tree anyway? Maybe it was just a fluffed line that they didn't edit out. Whatever it was, it's not really the same as Kevin forgetting his child! ;)

Tvor said...

Todd or the actor, Bruno, (if it was him that flubbed the line) might not realize but the writers and continuity person should have checked it. They keep saying that they check the scripts carefully and ok, sometimes a detail will slip through.

Bobby Dazzler said...

I'd think that it would be easy to expect a neighbour to "forget" that Daniel was a grandson and not a son...considering two other sons have showed close in age to Adam. Easy mistake FFS

Bobby Dazzler said...

Should read...Adam...oops

Flo said...

Kirk's pneumonia line made me laugh out loud.

Scott Willison said...

It's true that to the layman, you'd assume Adam was Ken's son, not grandson, given that he's almost the same age as Daniel (incidentally, I do like it when Adam calls Daniel Uncle!). Except Todd has been around the street since 2001; he knew Mike Baldwin, he'd have seen Adam about, they're roughly the same age. If Billy had said he was looking for his dad, fair enough, easy mistake, but after knowing the Barlows for that long (including being bezzie mates with Tracy) Todd would know better.


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