Tuesday, 21 February 2017

What is Shona's secret? Vote in our poll now!

We've blogged a few times about Shona Ramsey and wondered what secret she's hiding.  Next week in Coronation Street, Shona has a showdown with Gail in the cafe after Gail accuses her of stealing.

Shona has obviously got some connection to the Platt clan, but what do YOU think is Shona's secret that she's hiding?

Vote below and let us know what you think Shona's Corrie connection is.

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Tvor said...

I think if Shona was related to Callum or to Clayton, Gemma would probably have known about it. I still think it could somewhere be related to her former involvement with Nathan and maybe Kylie was one of his young teens as well.

Maricha said...

I still think she'll turn out to be a half-sister of Kylie's, one she didn't grow up with. Perhaps there were pictures of her at Kylie's in the past and that's why she seems familiar to Gemma yet Gemma can't recall exactly who she is.
I agree with Tvor that if she was related to Callum or Clayton, Gemma would know it.
I hope she has no real link to Nathan; once that storyline ends that villain should be gone for good and not popping back in like Phelan.

Aussie Pete said...

I wonder if she could even be the next-door neighbour form when Kylie was a kid, her best friend in her younger years. After Becky left, Shona was Kylie's saving grace when her parents were giving her hall and she'd find safety with her best friend next-door.

Diane said...

I think Kylie is going to be the first young damaged girl that Nathan abused and Shona was his version of Mel back then. Prob coaxed Kylie and other girls into it and now looking back feels shame and remorse

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