Monday, 20 February 2017

Baby Toby joins the cast of Coronation Street

Meet the newest member of Coronation Street! This little cutie will be appearing on screen tonight when Leanne gives birth in the lift at Victoria Court.  In the show, Leanne will name her baby Oliver, calling him Olly for short.

In real life, the baby is called Toby and he's represented by Stellar Management who are based in the North West.  Stellar Management released this picture of the new cast member on their Facebook page today.

They posted: "SOAP NEWS!! Be sure to tune in to ITVs Coronation Street all this week to see the arrival of baby Oliver Battersby played by Stellar's very own baby TOBY who now has an ongoing regular role in the show!"

Welcome Toby! Welcome Olly!

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S Nicol said...

I'm confused. How many babies did Leanne have? This company claims they have twins playing the role.

Flaming Nora said...

Confusing indeed, both agencies claim they're providing the Corrie baby. Maybe one agency is providing an older one and one newborns?

MD said...

They will all be playing Oliver as a newborn. They did the same thing with Harry Platt last year - a set of twins plus another baby.

Aussie Pete said...

I love the name! It the same name as my new 3 week old nephew!

Tvor said...

Social media and the tabloids are shouting about the size of the newborn. Duh. They almost never use real newborns for filming, it's just logistically better to use a baby that's a few months old, even better if it happened to be a smaller one.

Barbara said...

Can anyone tell me why there has been so much emphasis on Nick & Leanne's wedding, which by the way is set for December 2017, when we have recently entered a new year. They were talking about invitations going out & Toyah not being invited. Did I miss something?

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