Friday, 17 February 2017

Happy Birthday from Steve McDonald

It was on this Blog last month that I discovered Simon Gregson is offering personalised video messages for fans.

My Dad had his 70th birthday coming up and unfortunately we knew he'd be spending his big day in hospital. I thought I would check out the Celebrity Video Messages website with a view to cheering my Dad up with some birthday wishes from the actor who portrays one of his favourite Corrie characters.

You pay your 30 quid and order a message from the celebrity of your choice, submitting a basic script of key information to be delivered in front of the camera and then you get an email when it has been recorded. It sounded like a bit of fun so I gave it a go. A proportion of the proceeds go to charity too.

They say most videos are turned around within one to two weeks. Mine took 24 hours! I have to say that I was very pleased with the result and my Dad was delighted when I played it to him on the ward. I didn’t tell him that I paid for it but created an air of mystery. Perhaps he thought it all came about through my Corrie blogging connections...

Here is the video. It looks like a Vlog directed by Sarah Platt but the content is great!

Anyway, I am pleased to say that my old man is out of hospital and recovering well after his operation – and he’s got a copy of his video message to keep for posterity.

There are a few Corrie actors – past and present – on the CelebVM books. They will all set you back 30 notes. Well, except for Adam Rickitt – you get a fiver off for him.

It’s my birthday in August and I’ve already told my nearest and dearest that they could do far worse than order up a customized, personalized, and unique video message from my favourite character, Peter Barlow. Toodle-pip!

By Martin Leay
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Maricha said...

That's a sweet idea. Glad your father is recovering.

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