Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Gail's back in Coronation Street next week

Happy to report that Helen Worth, who plays Gail, returns to Coronation Street next week.  I know she's not supposed to have been away on-screen but it feels like we haven't seen her in ages, doesn't it?

Also missing in action has been Beth and Craig - who's away on his special constable training course. I wonder if the absence of some of the actors is explained by the fact that, if Corrie film approx 6 weeks in advance, then the episodes we're seeing now on screen would have been filmed around Christmas and New Year holidays? 

Also missing, of course, and much missed in our house has been Audrey and Rita.

Anyway, Gail's back on screen next week when she arranges a party to celebrate the arrival of the baby she thinks is her grandchild. Find out all about Leanne's unusual baby delivery here.

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Antiphon said...

Was also glad to see Mary back in the Rovers last night. I thought she had done a midnight flit to South Africa!

David the Wavid said...

Gail and Audrey were visiting Stephen in Milan over Christmas. At the baby shower last month Audrey said Gail was staying there a bit longer. She was mentioned as being home last week though.

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