Friday, 17 February 2017

Where could Adam's future office be located?

 In last night's episodes, we saw Corrie's own version of Saul Goodman, Adam Barlow, checking out an empty house on Victoria Street as a potential site for his future empire.

The house in question, despite existing since Victoria Street was first added in 1999 has never actually been used in the show, the houses themselves are next to the community centre on Victoria Street.

The other potential location for his office was Kevin's old (or new?) garage on Viaduct Street, which, before being a garage was only seen in the background as Kieran Wynne Haulage. There is also potential that his offices will eventually be located in a new part of the set.

Chewy (@Weatherfieldrec)

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Maricha said...

Since Phelan offered to fix the space of the new garage that got burned, it seems likely that will be where Adam sets up his office. That would be a good location.

Aussie Pete said...

I'd hope that we see the two Victoria St houses finally used after all these years!! Janice's old flat above Jamilla House hasn't been seen for years either.

Scott Willison said...

Has Adam considered setting his office up in, I don't know, an office? Because so far he's looked at a burnt out garage and a house. There's cheap office space for rent all over Manchester - even on "quiet" side streets. He's lumbering his new business with a load of debt right from the start!

Maricha said...

Ah, but how much shady business can you carry out in a real office?
If he sets up in a Corrie St. building with all those elastic walls he can live and work there while hiding a cemetery's worth of skeletons in backrooms, the backyard and the outhouse.
Also, Ken mentioned that he'd help Adam set up his office that must surely mean at least a downpayment on a building in the area.

Karen said...

I heard they are building a court and a police office too....I see some rough story lines in the future! And an ambulance chaser perhaps?

Chewy said...

They also have young Craig training to be a police officer don't they? It seems they're already working on having some characters surrounding the police station, lol.

Rapunzel said...

Adam explained to Todd why he wanted to work out of a house in a suburban street: it would make people more relaxed and less self conscious than a high street office.

As an aside, the funniest scene for me in Thursday's episode was when Todd realized that Rosie was Adam's "drug supplier". He and Adam could well end up a brilliant double act. I would also like to see Rosie and Adam become a permanent couple. I really think it would work - hotshot young lawyer and former model, equally as self-absorbed, with shared pretensions; just wait until his legal business starts making a bit of money - they'll be deliciously insufferable!

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