Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Cathy and Brian - the new couple on the cobbles

Well, there's been some hint at this romance already in Coronation Street, and next week we'll see the two of them flirting in The Kabin. 

It starts when Cathy helps Brian to understand Roy a little better and gives him some tips on how to win his flatmate Roy over. It's then left to Yasmeen to point out the obvious to Cathy, that she's falling for Brian.  Brian is also feeling the same and invites Cathy for coffee and then a drink in the Rovers.

But what will Roy say when he finds out?

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M.R. Willow said...

Hmm. I admit I'm no Brian fan, but I do like Cathy, mainly from her previous work, esp. in Syndicate. But I think this could work cause they're both as daft as each other. She could soften his bully-ish edges, and he could maybe make her feel secure enough to have an interesting storyline. :-)

Ruby Rosebuds said...

I also like Cathy and I think that she would work well with Brian. The actress playing Cathy gives her a realistic persona. They could be a very dynamic and fascinating couple. But will this cause soul searching and heartache for Roy?

Tvor said...

because I really don't like Brian, I really don't think he and Cathy would suit each other. He's far too pompous for her. Maybe this is the road back to Roy, though, in which case I would approve if that's the end result.

Newfy Pearl said...

I like the scenes with Brian and Cathy. He could bring fun and wonder and silliness to Cathy, and she could bring a bit of sensibleness to Brian. I think poor old Roy should be allowed to live his bachelor's life. Many men do and they are fine. 58

vintgal003 said...

I have always been (and still am) a Roy & Cathy fan....sure hope, that at some point....Roy will realise that he wants Cathy back as his partner and vies for her affection.....fingers crossed! :)

Maricha said...

I only like Cathy a little and Brian isn't growing on me but since the characters aren't going anywhere, they might as well be paired off.
I hope it doesn't lead back to Roy: that couple just didn't work, she has one tiresome problem after the other and just never seems to reciprocate the attention or help she gets.
Maybe Brian and Cathy's mutual self-centeredness will cancel
wake them up to that flaw and they'll become less needy.

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