Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Evil Nathan seduces Bethany in Coronation Street

Next week on Coronation Street, we'll see Bethany fall deeper for Nathan. Inside Soap magazine reveal that what has started out as an infatuation becomes more dark and sinister next week when Nathan begins his grooming of her, in earnest.

And not only does Nathan snog Bethany next week, but he's also going to have the cops calling when they question him about the disapperance of another young girl.  He needs an alibi and someone who's prepared to lie for him to the cops - step forward Bethany.

Oh dearie me.

Our blogger Emma Hynes interviewed Chris Harper, who plays Nathan.  Read the interview here.

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Anonymous said...

Oh dear me is right as Bethany was also Callum's alibi after Max told the police he saw his father assault Jason.
What is sad is that Sarah never questioned her daughter being with Callum and I have a bad feeling she'll believe Bethany again over the police.

Anonymous said...

Human trafficker, anyone? Bethany needs to be kept on a much tighter leash by her mother.

Anonymous said...

sleazy storyline

Anonymous said...

This is just wrong - not Corrie, fire the рroducer!!

Christine K said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Maricha said...

So, this is what happens while Sarah claims Bethany is her priority? Does she ever know where her daughter is?

Anonymous said...

Here we go again! We had a similar story-line years ago with Sarah meeting up with a phedophile she met on line. If I remember correctly Jason and Candice came to her rescue.
Am not looking forward to this at all. I got a groomer vibe from Nathan the first time we clapped eyes on him. When is stupid Sarah going to wake up and pay attention to her child instead of worrying about her love life?

where is Emily? said...

So...Nathan is grooming Bethany, who is David's niece, and Shona, who is Nathan's ex is being thrown together with David. Is Shona going to be the one to save Bethany? How does Gemma know Shona? Did Shona know them? Does Gemma know Nathan? The street is becoming an increasingly dangerous place to put down roots...your chances of getting murdered,pimped, or on a date with Peter Barlow are pretty good!

Maricha said...

I always thought Corrie was in a working class neighborhood but it looks more and more like the seedy part of town.

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