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Sunday 26 February 2017

Corrie Weekly Awards for Feb. 20 - 24

BombMichelle Award: She lays a bombshell on Steve about another baby but her life ended up looking like the after effects of a very large bomb when she found out the truth.

A Rock and a Very Hard Place Indeed: Michelle wants to go see the new baby, Steve wants to keep his missus happy but it's his baby! He keeps saying it's Nick and Leanne's but it's cutting him up inside. Liz knows it, too.

Soap Cliche award: When was the last time anyone has given birth in a hospital?

Musical Ambiance: Dire Straits' "Romeo and Juliet" with Steve and Michelle in the back room after returning from the beach, supporting each other through a tough day. Also while Brian and Cathy were sharing a drink and talking about Roy.

Confession is Good for the Soul: Awww poor lickle Liam called the police to confess to killing Darryl!

Get your finger out award: David keeps going on about Max not being a Platt. He's been meaning to adopt that lad for years. What's he waiting for?

Lines of the week:
Leanne "Help!" Toyah "What are you doing?" Leanne "I'm singing Beatles' tunes, what do you think I'm doing?"
Brian "Roy makes it perfectly clear he thinks I'm a freeloader, someone that takes without giving" (as he helps himself to a big handful of Tim's pork scratchings without asking)
Zeedan "D'you have cards that say Sorry I Opened My Big Mouth?" Rita "I'd be a millionaire if I did, love"
Toyah about the baby "Isn't he tiny?" (no, not really!)
Beth about her mother "She reckons another week and she'll be fit enough to go shoplifting again"
Eva "I'm going to prison. I don't want to look too glam" (you couldn't look not glam, babes!)
Yasmeen "You could start a fire with a spark that big"
Jenny "I thought we could take a few seconds to run a new project by you. I call it Blackmail" (Go, Jenny!)
Gail "Can't put this genii back in the bottle"
Michelle to Steve "I always knew you were an idiot, but you were my idiot"
Steve "We can survive this" Michelle "No. You killed us"

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Rapunzel said...

Phrase of Doom Award: to Gail when toasting Oliver, saying "you'll always be part of our family"

Maricha said...

I don't think David deserves that Get your Finger out award, he only could have tried to adopt Max while Kylie was alive and sober. She kept falling off the wagon or wandering off which would have given Callum grounds to ask for custody the same way he got visitation. Now that Kylie has died any attempt to adopt Max would bring Callum's mother back and fighting for custody of her grandson.
Better to let sleeping dogs lie until Max is a teen and would be given a say in who gets custody of him.

MD said...

"When was the last time anyone has given birth in a hospital?" - the last three births before Oliver actually. Ruairi, Harry and Miley were all born in hospital. But I do agree that "Births in awkward places" is an annoying soap cliche.

Tvor said...

Ah yes. Ruairi was extenuating circumstances, though. Don't think any preemies have come outside the hospital, not more than a couple of weeks early at least. Fair point about Harry and Miley. Possibly Fiz had Hope in hospital I seem to recall, though she was in labour in the factory after the tram crashed for a bit.

Louby said...

At least Leanne was wincing with pains for a while before the actual delivery, suggesting she was in labour for a while. Unlike the usual soap birth when a massive pain hits out of the blue, hastily followed by the waters breaking and the urge to push! I daresay it can happen like that, but for most of us it drags on for hours!


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