Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Pic: Coronation Street's new Police Station plans

Even more plans for Kitchener Street have now surfaced, showing what looks like it could very well be the new Kitchener Street Police Station.

This would be located just behind Victoria Court in reality, in the show. However, I think Kitchener Street will perhaps be located a little further away from the Street itself.

It will be interesting to see how the police station will be used in the show. With Craig Tinker currently doing his police training, maybe we'll be introduced to a few more Corrie coppers?

Coronation Street's Executive Producer Kieran Roberts revealed last week that a new police station would be built on the set as part of the expansion for when Corrie goes to six nights a week. 

Read more on the upcoming changes to the show here.

By Chewy
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Maricha said...

It must be in a completely different place than behind Victoria street because there's a viaduct at the end. It looks more as if they extended Viaduct street.

Corriegated Cardboard said...

If this does mean we get to see more policemen I hope they employ some better actors because the number of excruciatingly poorly acted scenes containing the police is starting to do my head in

Chewy said...

That archway is the one you can see across from the cab office, although over the next week a building site appears there.

I hope it does mean better police scenes, often the police can seem portrayed as just being 'the bad guy' rather than being someone who is solving a crime.

Scott Willison said...

I wonder if this is a police station as an actual local location the characters will use, or just a small set being built so they don't have to go on location whenever they need it? The same for the school set. I'm thinking it may be like the interior of the Health Centre, which is laid out for hospital scenes.

If not, I hope they explain that the police have opened a new station, otherwise it makes all the characters look a bit stupid for not noticing a cop shop literally round the corner whenever they have an emergency!

(PS in all of this, I've not noticed anyone coming up with a use for the gym building yet...)

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