Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Wed 22 Feb

NICK FIGHTS HIS INSECURITIES OVER STEVE As Toyah cuddles the baby, Leanne announces that they’re calling him Oliver. Clearly the proud Dad, Nick reveals that he’s booked them an appointment to register the baby’s name tomorrow afternoon. Back at home the Platts visit the new baby. Peter and Toyah discover they both know that Nick’s not the baby’s father and it must be very difficult for him. Meanwhile alone at last with their new baby, Leanne breaks the news to Nick that she doesn’t want his name on Oliver’s birth certificate as it would seem wrong. How will Nick react to this?
MICHELLE TRIES TO MOVE ON When Michelle finds out Leanne’s had the baby, she’s emotional but genuinely pleased for her and insists they visit. Steve’s horrified at the thought but knows he must play along for her sake. Making out he’s too upset as it stirs up memories of Ruairi, Steve waits outside Victoria Court whilst Michelle heads up to see Leanne’s new baby. How will Michelle cope?
WILL JENNY’S UNDERWORLD IDEA FALL APART AT THE SEAMS? Aidan returns from Spain and is annoyed to find Jenny ensconced in the factory office. Jenny explains how she’s in the process of developing a new range of specialised bras and Richard Drake has placed an order.
ELSEWHERE Liam is desperate to see mum Maria in prison.

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Maricha said...

It's late in the day to worry about what seems wrong when you give birth to a married man's kid. Never change Leanne,lol!

Corriegated Cardboard said...

Can someone remind me when Toyah found out about Steve being the dad - I really can't seem to remember?

TLC said...

Leanne told Toyah that Steve was the father, in Nicks flat. If I recall correctly, it was after Nick and Lee had an argument and Toyah got the wrong end of the stick, so Lee set her straight on what the real stress was in her life.