Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Leanne gives birth inside Victoria Court lift

Has there been a more dramatic birth in Coronation Street, I wonder?  We've had babies born in the Rovers (front bar and back room) and in the corner shop.  But not, as far as I know, have we had a baby born in The Kabin - or inside a lift.

Yes, Leanne is going to go into labour next week in the lift at Victoria Court.  As you can see from the preview picture above, Toyah is there with her. 

Jane Danson tells Inside Soap magazine: "They're in the middle of a slanging match when Leanne's waters break. Toyah calms Leanne down, although they've been having a barney, but they don't make it to the hospital and Leanne doesn't have any medical assistance. It's intense."

Leanne gives birth, safely, to a baby boy and announces she's calling him Oliver. 

She's not naming him Vic then, after Victoria Court?

I'll get me coat.

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abbyk said...

Has there ever been a normal birth on Corrie, ya know, like in a hospital? The sort where the bag is packed and the dad is nervous, but they make it on time and the doctors and nurses are kind?

Tvor said...

Where would the fun be in a normal birth in a hospital? LOL! Yes actually there have been lots. Judy Mallett had the twins in hospital, so did Gail with all her three (though Sally had Rosie in the taxi just before Gail had David in the hospital on Christmas Day). You're right though, most babies on soaps are born under diverse circumstances for the drama factor.

Cobblestone said...

Surely the MOST traumatic birth had to be Curley and Emma'ss son; born at home but ... delivered by Norris! Just imagine!

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