Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Gail accuses Shona of stealing in Coronation Street

Next week in Coronation Street we'll see Gail and Shona have a showdown in Roy's Rolls cafe.  It starts when Gail's purse goes missing and she convinces herself that Shona's the one who's nicked it.  Inside Soap magazine reveal that Gail demands that Roy sack Shona from the cafe after calling her a thief.
David's also in the cafe and overhears what's going on. He knows Shona's got form for stealing and reckons she could have taken her mum's purse.  But when Shona opens her own handbag to prove to Gail that she hasn't taken her purse, Gail's got an apology to make...
...especially when Gail finds her purse under a pile of Lily's clothes back at the house.

This storyline further embroils Shona in the life of the Platts - althlugh her secret is still no further being revealed.

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1 comment:

Maricha said...

Gail doesn't know Shona stole David's wallet so why would she assume Shona stole her purse? That's farfetched.

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