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Sunday 26 February 2017

Coronation Street spoiler pics: Michelle turns to Robert

ITV have released more details of the aftermath of the baby bombshell on Coronation Street.

Michelle is going to turn to admirer Robert in this coming week’s Coronation Street after she discovered on Friday night that hubby Steve is the secret father of Leanne’s baby.

Michelle was devastated on Friday night to Steve blurted out to a packed Bistro that he and Leanne had a one night stand which resulted in baby Oliver being born.

Heartbroken Michelle punched Leanne in the face before collapsing in tears in the ginnel behind the Rovers.

But hell hath no fury like Michelle Connor scorned and this week viewers will see her demand a divorce from Steve before barricading herself in the Rovers, locking Steve and Liz out on the cobbles.

And as these pictures show Robert Preston is the person Michelle turns to in her hour of need when he turns up at Maria’s flat where Michelle is staying.

The pair bond over shots of tequila and she is soon smiling again. Viewers already know that Robert harbours feelings for Michelle and she also tried to kiss him after Ruairi’s death. Is this the start of something, and has Steve lost her for good?

Simon Gregson said: ‘If Steve knew she was turning to Robert for comfort he would be devastated, he really hopes he can win her back.”

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Lee said...

Of course she turns to Robert for comfort. The writing has been on that wall for a while now. I personally think there is more chemistry between these two than Michelle and Steve ever had. Steve was stifled by Michelle, he became un-funny in the marriage. I would like to Steve as a funny dopey guy again.

Maricha said...

I certainly hope Steve has lost Michelle. It will be a relief to see him live again, TLC's description of Steve as stifled is accurate. She can go rain on Robert's parade from now on, he's already so glum we won't notice the difference. What will happen at the Bistro where Robert and Leanne work and get along is what I'm waiting to see. Michelle will start dragging Robert down by poisoning things there.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I hope they do split. I've seen spoilers that say Michelle and Steve will fight for baby Oliver, though I'm not sure on what grounds, so it sounds like they are reconciled. But I'm much more interested in what happens to Leanne after Nick leaves in the summer.

Maricha said...

I'd also be curious to know on what grounds. Michelle raised a coke-head and Steve only raised Amy while Tracy was in jail then returned her to a murderer with little fuss.
Can't see how they'd imagine a judge would find them more fit to raise a baby than Leanne who won custody of Simon from his biological father instead of shirking her responsibilities.
If it happens it would only be Steve going along with Michelle's vindictiveness.


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