Saturday, 18 February 2017

Mary and Tracy - the new Rita and Mavis?

A few months ago, our blogger Tvor wrote about Mary and Tracy's flowering friendship behind the counter at Preston's Petals.  You can read it here.

Last night on Coronation Street, there was further evidence of the two of them bonding (wll, as far as Tracy ever bonds with anyone).  I think at one point, we even saw Tracy smile, and it wasn't her usual baring of the teeth to snarl.  There was a lovely moment between the two of them when Mary was talking, as usual, about her mother. "I think we need to see your mother," Tracy smiled and told Mary. I can't have been the only Corrie fan sitting on my sofa to nod my head and say to the telly "Yes, Mary, we do!"

It was pointed out on the Blog in a comment left last night that there's potential for Tracy and Mary to become the new Rita and Mavis of Coronation Street.  And while no-one could ever take the place of these two queens of the Kabin...

...I do think there's potential there for Mary and Tracy to become the femmes fatale of the flower shop. 

Long may their friendship flower. 

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Yes, absolutely. Tracy's character, and the way she's been played, shrivelled to one dimensional over the years. Tracy needs a strong oppo to work with and that's why she was great with Rob, Deirdre (and now Peter) but dull with Robert. The florist's shop is the perfect environment for those rambling conversations people have when there's nothing else happening. The cab office and the Kabin are the same.

Corriegated Cardboard said...

Yesterday's episode had me wondering - are they setting Tracy up for an affair with Phelan? I sincerely hope not as that would be unbearable, but their interactions lately have made me suspicious.

Tvor said...

I agree. If Tracy is going to stay in the show, they need to give her a friend or two. She has Beth and I think Mary would be a great older sister sort of confidante.

dulyquoted said...

Also, they share mother issues. We, the viewers, know what went on between Tracy and Dierdre in the privacy of the ginnel, but otherwise the scenes between them were relatively private (with the exception of Emily and Ken, perhaps). This could be a good space for Tracy to share her perspective on how the bond with Dierdre shaped her.

Maricha said...

Yes, I like their budding friendship and Tracy definitely needs it. I doubt she would have done half the misdeeds if she had someone to bounce ideas off. If business picks up with all the new characters and activity on the street maybe Beth will quit that boring factory and join them in the flower shop. Maybe instead of one battleaxe for the show the trio will split that between them.

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