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Monday 27 February 2017

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 27th February

This rover has returned...many thanks for Ryan for filling in and writing the episode reviews during the last few weeks.

The fallout from Steve's revelations continues with Eva and Leanne bickering, Michelle drinking, and Steve adamant that he can win back his wife and have a relationship with Baby Oliver. Denial isn't just a major north-flowing river in north-eastern Africa, MacDonald.

I can't help but feel that this whole storyline has been moved up in order to facilitate Ben Price's departure - it felt like it was going to be played out over a longer time period. The main question is: will Nick Tilsley come back with a different head?

Anyway, Michelle gets lawyered up and demands a divorce and half of everything, including the pub. Well, Steve did buy it for her in the first place. He doesn't see it that way and refuses to divorce her and so Michelle starts a campaign of civil disobedience by asking Johnny and Kate to block the Rovers' doorway, allowing her to lock Steve and Liz out of the pub and then give away free drinks and snacks to the regulars. It's going well until she picks a fight with Eva and chucks her out of the pub by the hair (it's all fun and games until someone's weave gets assaulted). The police are called, some bottles get smashed, Steve eventually tells her she can have half of everything, but that doesn't make her happy; she curls up miserable and alone in Maria's flat.

In the meantime, Corrie takes on #everydaysexism as a builder whistles at Rosie in her overalls. She gives as good as she gets but Sally won't let it lie. Sally is upset that Rosie is doing a George Formby - after all Rosie did have a career and a flat in London "with a balconette" - and Anna rubs sodium chloride into the wound by revealing that Rosie was an accidental drugs mule, which leads Rosie to confess that her fabulous life was a lie. This sends Sally into a tailspin, culminating in her threatening the builder who catcalls Rosie.

In other feminist news, Mary used to be a blacksmith when travelling with a group of Romanys in Czechoslovakia (she was the only one strong enough to lift the horse's legs) and Sinead decides she's going to support herself and Daniel by starting up the soap business again (hopefully not the murderous candles) and so goes round to number 5 to collect the rest of her things. Unfortunately, Chesney thinks it's a reconciliation and when he finds out it's not, he kicks Sinead out before she can pick up her stuff.

Gail has lost her purse and immediately accuses Shona of half-inching it, later finding it under Lily's toy. Gail half heartedly apologises, which Shona refuses to accept and Gail storms out of the cafe. This sub-plot seems to be in order to eventually bring Shona closer the Platts. Here's what I think is going to happen (I haven't read any spoilers): Shona will save Bethany from Evil Nathan and eventually, with many fits and starts, she will get together with David. Then he will discover that she's Clayton's mum? sister? and all hell will break loose. That, or it will be revealed that she is Judy Mallett's long lost daughter.

And in recycled storylines, everyone has forgotten Rita's birthday, but Gemma makes her a special birthday kebab without lettuce or tomato: "it seems a shame to have salad on your birthday."

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Louby said...

Who's the baby in the photo Shona tried to hide from Gail? It must have been someone Gail would recognise. Max or Lily perhaps?

Pat said...

I really dislike it when the writers have women fighting like this. It is cheap and tacky as well as horrible to watch. Too much violence in Corrie these days.

Tvor said...

If Shona isn't the mother or sister of Clayton, and I think she's too young to be Kylie and Becky's mother, then maybe she's an auntie or another sister and the baby is Kylie herself.

Rapunzel said...

I just had a quick looksie at Corrie history and cannot believe that Judy and Garrah Mallet's twins would be 18 now!


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