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Friday 17 February 2017

Coronation Street to have more comedy in 2017

This week, Coronation Street's Executive Producer Kieran Roberts spoke at the Prolific North event on his plans for the next 56 years of our favourite show.

Broadcast Now have a short article with quotes from Kieran and it makes intersting reading.

Kieran said that when Corrie moves to six episode a week in the autumn, there will be a stronger emphasis on comedy and a focus on lesser known characters.

He also said he wanted to develop the world of Weatherfield without losing its intimacy and added that the show would maximise screen time for a number of lesser seen actors with additional storylines.

The expansion will also lead to more than 40 new jobs for crew and writers to facilitate the expansion of the set to enable the shooting of six episodes per week. 

Kieran also confirmed that Corrie is to get its own police station, because “frankly we need one”.

ITV Studios is understood to have requested planning permission to expand the set, with plans to create Tile Street, an often mentioned but never seen location. The crew is also building a police station, a school and a court.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

More comedy is to be welcomed as long as it is character and storyline driven. The best humour comes naturally from actors finding another layer to their character. Sally and Tim found it and then the writers were in danger of over-doing it. I also don't want to see certain characters always offering the comedy: Kirk & Beth, Rosie immediately come to mind. Comedy is very subjective but whacky slap-stick doesn't do it for me.

Karen said...

I am so happy to hear they are going to ramp up the comedy. It seemed to have been very watered down the last couple of years. There are some great comedic characters who aren't being given their due. Kirk and Beth, Tim and Sally, Gemma (I love that girl!) and Eva all come to mind without too much digging!

lk said...

Aren't there already a police station, a school, and a court in the near vicinity of Coronation Street? Building another version of each around the bend sounds redundant, not to mention how it augurs an uninterrupted flow of crime stories:/ I'd personally prefer to see more off-the-Street locations, like a University, City Council Chamber (or wherever Sally goes), maybe even an airport (didn't we see Becky departing from one?) As for businesses that might exist on Tile Street, why not a coin-operated laudromat (most tenants need one), a notary and/or wire-transfer office, a laptop repair business, or mobile phone service store?

Maricha said...

I agree, there are enough people on Corrie who have been in trouble with the law already. A university and a clothing store would be much more useful than a new police station to inspire interesting plots.

Rapunzel said...

I made this comment on another post but it's more apt here:

The funniest scene for me in Thursday's episode was when Todd realized that Rosie was Adam's "drug supplier". He and Adam could well end up a brilliant double act. I would also like to see Rosie and Adam become a permanent couple. I really think it would work - hotshot young lawyer and former model, equally as self-absorbed, with shared pretensions; just wait until his legal business starts making a bit of money - they'll be deliciously insufferable!

Rapunzel said...

Also, did it occur to anyone else that Tracy and Mary in the florist shop are like a modern-day Rita and Mavis? In their early days, Rita could be as caustic as Tracy.

Lancshow said...

A university? A laundrette? Is this not turning into hollyoaks and eastenders? Seriously, if they wanted an airport or a university they could easily film this in one of the manchester universities or airport like in the past. There is the new derelict shop that appeared under the rovers bridge that we haven't seen yet... I believe this will be tile street...? Bit crazy that we have never seen the other side of the bridge in all the years of the soap! Simply because if never actually existed!
I would like to see the chippy reintroduced, also a proper pharmacy in the health centre. What's happening to the old gym too? How about a pet shop? Or even a permanent freshco set?


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