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Tuesday 14 February 2017

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 13 Feb 2017

Our blogger Rachel Stevenson normally writes her fantastic Monday night episode reviews but is away on holiday for three weeks. While she's away, Coronation Street Blog reader Ryan Oxley has kindly offered to step into Rachel's shoes to bring you his review of Monday night's episodes.

And so, it's over to Ryan...

The stand out quote for me in tonight’s double was from Adam Baldwin describing the blossoming valentines that are Daniel and Sinead ‘the romance that everyone is talking about, I’m thinking black and white movies, meaningful looks’, ‘better than meaningless!’ fired back Sinead. It was an interesting response which may lay resonance later.

Over at Number 6, Yasmeen is popping pills, (amitriptyline -prescribed for MS & Stress – cheers Corrie) and it’s a suitable plot device to bring Alya and Zeedan back into sibling accord. Yasmeen is a character I am continuing to warm too; she could serve well as a Corrie ‘battleaxe’ in future.

Kev’s woes worsen at the garage as he may have to lay off his Sophie but she resigns, returns her shares and takes over Tim’s window cleaning company; a quick career turnaround. Unlike her sister Rosie, who’s gone from Modelling in Miami to hiding drugs in allotments. Suitably worried about being No.1 in Weatherfield’s drugs cartel (and prison food) Rosie unearths her woes to Adam Baldwin. Adam then proceeds to dig in the dark, in hope of raising ground, the drugs, and essential funds for his longed for litigious law firm.

Meanwhile, injured garage lackey Luke limps lustfully into a Bristol break (or brake?) with a disappointed Tracy, in search of the elusive Andy. I am convinced Phelan has ‘removed’ Andy from the cobbles but as he’s busy fitting Ken's new kitchen, it appears its business as usual for Phelan. Ken swiftly arranges a meeting with an MA tutor for a distracted Daniel, who has Sinead pleading to move in. With his knuckles scraping already, the rather effeminate intellectual Daniel appears to be showing signs of repressed masculinity. Sinead completely ignores Chesney’s warning, an equally discouraged Daniel, and moves in with her ‘Pet Virgin’ anyway. Ken meets his MA mate whom implies that Ken is looking well following his stroke and has another 20 years in him, if Ken wants them. A very subtle line which may have implications for Ken's DNR storyline, it got me thinking.

Also in The Rovers Return it’s the return of Mary (who may or may not have been in Africa with her newfound son?) and long may Mary reign. She hilariously dismays and engages a forlorn suitor of Rana and suitably perplexed, the unknown regular leaves the ladies to it. An invite for Ayla’s birthday is in the bag for Mary. 

Meanwhile, young Bethany’s social media career appears to be emerging into the next Zoella. After some poor online reviews, she’s ready to quit but with rarely seen encouragement from Sarah and a gift from sleazy Nathan, she’s ready to return to vlogging. The young girl may well be falling into a trap.

Which brings me back to Sinead, who is also falling into a trap. After being emotionally drained throughout tonight’s episodes, a heated and wronged Fiz lays into her, she wears horrible ‘tracky’ bottoms to work and exclaims of being ‘I’m upset you know’ and ‘I didn’t want any of this’.

Meaningless?... I’ve got a feeling it may well be with the ‘Pet virgin’ but we will wait and see.

Ryan B Oxley
Twitter: @rybazoxo

Twitter: @drunkonmusic2@rybazoxo
Music blog writer @Drunkonmusic2

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Tvor said...

Mary's scene was superb! I do object to calling Daniel "effeminate". He's a quiet, shy, thoughtful but determined young man who is not afraid to stand up for himself. He just doesn't have that cocky swagger that Adam has.

Newfy Pearl said...

I am so sorry that the lost son storyline fizzled out in such an unbelievable way. Why even bring this character up if there was going to be no followup.

abbyk said...

I usually don't like Mary but she was superb on Monday. Pulling off a blithering ditz routine to keep the far too old guy away from the young ladies was brilliant. They got it, she got it, and for once, we weren't (or at least I wasn't) mentally exhausted. I'm married, I'm gay, and a party invite were icing on the cake. More, please.

And yes, Daniel, you may have a girlfriend but if your dad is paying your way, showing up for lunch or at least texting an apology is your responsibility. Sinead isn't a 6 year old, she could have waited.

Cobblestone said...

The way Ken behaved, you'd have thought Gus was the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford! All he would have done is discussed aspects of the MA course with Daniel - just as he would if Daniel had made an appointment and gone to see him. It doesn't make it any more likely Daniel will get on the course, because with most MAs (especially in the Humanity subjects) if you've secured the funding, they'll take you. Ken needs to reflect on all the years HE didn't show up for events in Daniel's life.
And Daniel was very apologetic, abbyk, after the event, but the problem was surely that the entire meeting slipped his mind. If you forget something - that's it: you forget it. And with him moving from never having had a girlfriend to practically brawling in the street with her Ex, I think it's fairly understandable that the meeting was driven from his mind.

Abercrombie said...

I did find Ken's attitude overbearing and judgemental. Given his record, one would hope that he could have learnt to be a little more understanding given his length of life compared to Daniel's. He is so pompous. Did he ask Daniel if he would like to meet the tutor? Oh no, he sets it up and then 'severely' calls him out for an error, which as Cobblestone pointed out, is wholly understandable. In any case, when others do these things for you when not requested, it is easy to forget :)

Flo said...

I absolutely loved Mary in this episode and was so happy to see her back. They could do so much with her character. But yes, what about her son now? Or is that just another plotline that is going to fall into that black hole somewhere?

Maricha said...

Daniel doesn't seem effeminate to me, he's introverted which isn't unusual for someone who has been on his own for a while and had to keep a low profile in order to avoid questions about his mother's whereabouts.
He's also managed to study all this time without Ken needing to boss him around so Ken should really rein it in a bit and stop playing belated concerned parent.


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